Art Institute Auditions Today!!!


Our students are producing short films and commercials this quarter and we’ll be delighted if you, or actors you know, will consider appearing in these films. Thank you to everyone who’s auditioned with us in the past.
The students can’t make their films without you!
When: Monday, August 2, 2010
Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Where: The Art Institute of Atlanta – 460A
TO SCHEDULE AN AUDITION (Please follow these Directions):
–make sure to provide the following:
Your Height & Age Range & Gender
If you do Voice-OversIf you have a Voice-Over demo reel
If you are a member of SAG and/or AFTRA
— Please DO NOT attach your headshot and resume to the email. Please do bring at least TWO headshots with TWO resumes to the Audition.
Your audition time will include a SPECIFIC time. Audition times are first come, first serve. If you have a last minute change of plans, please email

Parking: Parking is free at The Art Institute, but if you arrive before 8pm, you need a parking pass from the receptionist in the first floor gallery. Please get your pass and put it on your car before you come upstairs. If you arrive after 8pm, check to see if the receptionist is still in gallery – if not, then you don’t need a pass.

The Art Institute of Atlanta
6600 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Building 100
Atlanta, GA 30328

*****************Character Descriptions*****************
Please note: Several other students are still working on their scripts so there will be some additional roles to read for at our auditions.
Director: Alex Bennett Genre: Comedy/Sci-Fi Narrative: “The American Sun”
SYNOPSIS: Tyler, a new reporter, is sent to interview a black man who claims to be 250 years old but only looks 25. It ends with Tyler realizing that this man may be telling truth.
NOTE: The script is written with male characters, but a woman could play each of these roles.

Albert: Late 40’s-early 60’s, with a confident demeanor. He is owner and editor of “The American Sun,” a tabloid newspaper that reports the absurd and bizarre. A strong believer in the paranormal, Albert thinks nearly all stories on the strange and out of this world are true.
Tyler: Mid-20’s, studied to become a Broadway playwright but found the market hard to break into. Now a paperboy for “The American Sun,” he’ll do anything to earn his living by using his gift for the written word.
Will: 20’s, black, he claims to be over 250 years old and works as a gardener in a local park. His behavior is unpredictable.
Director: Alex Bennett Genre: Thriller PSA: Narcotics Anonymous
(All non-speaking roles)
SYNOPSIS: A young person tries to break the hold on his drug addiction.
Bill: Late 20’s-early 30’s, is trying to escape the pull of drug addiction by running from it.

Director: Frankie Cabrera Genre: Drama PSA – MADD
SYNOPSIS: John Smith was killed by a drunk driver. His family goes to visit the cemetery where he’s buried. Because John died, his son Billy was never born, and – as the story unfolds – Billy fades out of the family scene.

Mary Smith – 45-65, kind, compassionate mother. Her appearance suggests a motherly figure that has seen and been through it all. She was only able to have one son; her husband has long-since left her and she’d love to have a grandson.
John Smith- 27-37, married to Rachael and son of Mary, great, successful man in the world, loves his family and wants to have his own family and kids of his own. Lives a healthy life.
Rachael Smith- 25s-35 years of age, married to John and daughter in law to Mary, Loves her husband and his mother, wants to have her own kids and settle down to start a family. John and Mary are the only family Rachael has; she lost her parents several years ago.
Billy Smith- 5-13 years of age, would be son of John and Rachael Smith, loves his family and his grandmother Mary. Billy is young and very energetic and a loving kid whom never gives up on anything.

Director: Frankie Cabrera Genre: Action/Drama Narrative: “Lunaté”
SYNOPSIS: Alec has had a miserable past that will not go away. He discovers he must face his past demon when an evil man, Ichor, kidnaps Alec’s girlfriend Irene and kills his sensei, Karsten. Alec soon realizes that he has had the power inside himself all along to defeat Ichor.

Alec Zeanus: 21-27, a young hero who is mentally and physically distraught. His eyes are fiery and watery showing a man who lost everything he had in a younger life and cherishes everything he has now.
Irene Pila: 17-25, a soft and delicate woman yet someone who is a worker and a lover. Very beautiful both in physical appearance and inner beauty. Her love has no bounds.
Karsten Damian: 50-75, a very wise older man, seen as a teacher or a grandfather. His physical appearance speaks of a man of wisdom who has seen the life of several generations.
Ichor Desdemona: 26-36, a very dark spirited and evil man, with eyes that show the evil and darkness of his very soul. Does not value others lives, and when he wants something he takes it.

Director: Henry Covaci Commercial: nTouch TV
SYNOPSIS: John just bought a satellite dish and installs it on his roof. While him and his wife watch “Who wants to be a Millionaire”, the weather changes. The wind starts picking up and the dish begins to move a tad, temporarily interrupting the TV signal. The wind continues to pick up and the dish breaks from the hinges and falls down to the ground. John’s wife looks angry at him as there is no TV signal, and slaps him.

James: Married for 30 years to the same wife, he’s worked construction all his life. A great handy man around the house, James likes to work on home projects, like installing a satellite dish.
Miriam: Married for 30 years to the same husband, she works reweaving tuxedos from home. She has her own vegetable garden and takes care of all her house plants. Miriam is the queen of the house and very strongly opinionated.

Director: Henry Covaci Narrative: “Mango Juice”
SYNOPSIS: Danny, Jack and Daniel are at home watching TV and sipping on mango juice with ice. They run out of juice and ice and Danny and Jack decide to go buy more. They buy ice at a gas station but, because the price is too high, they decide to “borrow” some mangos from their neighbor. When the neighbor sees them, the thieves run towards their car and all but one of their precious mangos slip away through a hole in the bag. Jack manages to catch the last mango. They present Daniel with the single mango who carefully prepares it for the juicer. But when he asks for the ice, they find that it has all.
NOTE: The script is written with male characters, but a woman could play each of these roles.

Danny: Mid 20s. An alcoholic. Combines alcohol with mango juice all the time.
Jack: early 20s. His life revolves around video games.
Daniel: early 20s. The house is his. A schooled young man who never gives up on his endeavors.

Director: Corey Felton Genre: Comedy Commercial: Coca-Cola
SYNOPSIS: A humorous take on what one Coke lover goes through in search of his favorite soft drink.

Mike: Mid 20’s White slacker who searches almost the entire city of Atlanta looking for a Coke.
Susan: Earlier 20’s White, Mike’s girlfriend she takes the last Coca-Cola out of refrigerator at their house.
Hank: Late 40’s White, cashier at the corner store that informs Mike that the store is out of Coca-Cola.
Larry: Late teens white, customer at grocery store who takes the last Coca-Cola

Director: Antoine Gaither Genre: Drama PSA – United Negro College Fund
SYNOPSIS: “A new start” A talented young person is struggling to find a way to pay for college. Though he/she has a 3.5 GPA, he/she’s from a low-income family who can’t help with college costs.
NOTE: The script is written with a male character, but a woman could play this role.
Robert: A hard worker who gives back to the community. He is in the top 2% of his graduation class and the son of a single parent. He has an after school job and volunteers at the local Boys and Girls club. He is a humble young man and understands that hard work is the only way to get ahead.

Director: Antoine Gaither Genre: Comedy Narrative: “The Date”
Sterling, A young man, in his 30’s, who just broke up with his girlfriend after two years. He is a very handsome guy, very smart, creative.
La Flick, mid 30’s best friend of Sterling obnoxious, outgoing, jokes around. Carefree never had a serious relationship. But is trustworthy and has never let Sterling down.

Director: Jonason Holland Genre: Drama PSA – Georgia Dept of Public Safety
SYNOPSIS: This PSA dramatically points out the dangers of texting and driving.

Brian: A star basketball player at his high school
Evan: Brian’s best friend
Carol, driver #1: Just graduated college & is now a paralegal at an upscale law firm. Drives a small car.
Calvin, driver #2: Has a white-collar job. Drives a big truck or SUV
Kristy: 8-10 yrs, lives with her mom and is a straight A student.
Cathy: Kristy’s mom. About 35, a very committed mom.

Director: Jimmy Ray, Jr. Genre: Drama PSA: Covenant House of Georgia
SYNOPSIS: Shawnda, a young woman in her mid-20’s, shares the difficulties of her life after she turned 18 and had to leave foster care. On her way to become yet another statistic, she finds hope with Covenant House of Georgia.
Shawnda: 20’s, an unfortunate victim of child neglect and sexual abuse was on her way to becoming another statistic after group home placement. Estranged from her family and having no place to turn but the streets she began to lose hope. Then Covenant House intervened and allowed her an opportunity to receive temporary housing, assisted with her G.E.D. helped her with job placement. Shawnda revels in having been given a second chance thanks to Covenant House programs.

Director: Jimmy Ray, Jr. Genre: Suspense/Thriller Narrative: “The Attic”
SYNOPSIS: An older woman lives with her neglectful grandson and avoids her delusions at all cost. While comforted by the belief that late night ceiling creaks and bumps are merely a sign that her late husband’s spirit still roams the house, she is soon faced with the frightening reality that, in fact, an invader has occupied the attic all along.

Ms. Chevy: 60’s, a southern, streetwise Christian. Beneath her tough persona is a vulnerable soul. She is the Red Fox among women mixed with a dash of Aunt Ester and a little bit of George Jefferson. Though she attends weekly church services and totes a bible around, angels would shake their heads at the things she might say. She never feels completely alone because she believes her late husband’s spirit roams the house. And whenever something is amiss at home she readily assumes her grandson is responsible.
Troy: 20’s, is too self absorbed with his own life to commit to any time spending with his grandmother. He stays out as late as possible to avoid being accused of things he hasn’t done – such as leaving dirty dishes behind, eating the last of everything, and even leaving doors open after he leaves the house.
Attic Dweller: a mysterious man in dark clothing, a homeless entity who has found refuge living in Ms. Chevy’s attic.

Director: Joseph Sims (J.P. Author) Genre: Drama Narrative
SYNOPSIS: A successful corporate executive tries to hide his alcoholism.
Marvin Winston: Corporate Marketing Analyst for Apple Inc. Late 30’s Caucasian highly confident in himself and his high profile social class. Very conscious of what people think of him, so he pretends to be Mr. Perfect yet he actually lives as an Alcoholic.

Director: Aziz Syed Genre: Revenge Drama/Film Noir Narrative
SYNOPSIS: A father has lost his daughter in a car accident. The father hunts down the woman who caused the car accident and eventually she is murdered.

Father: 35+, 5’8 or taller, Caucasian, average looking, smoker
Daughter: 8 or younger. Caucasian.
Woman: 25 or older. Caucasian or Asian. Slim looking

Director: Kelly Thoreson Genre: Horror Narrative
SYNOPSIS: A story of 3 friends.

Rachel: Young 20’s and very strong. Rachel is a calm and cool person, but if you make her angry her attitude will get you hurt. She works as a sparring coach with her friends James and Nick. They teach each other how to defend themselves. Her long dark hair is always tied back in a ponytail.
James: 25-30, gray speckles in his hair and well dressed. He seems to be a very intolerable guy. He gets on your nerves, down in your face, but when you get to know him you see that he is very sensitive.
William: mid-20’s, really tough, but you can’t see all of his muscles. His friends think William needs to dress a bit better than his dingy clothes & torn up tennis shoes. A sweetheart, loving and down to earth, he is a protector of Rachel and James.

Director: Kelly Thoreson Genre: Family Oriented Narrative

Frank: Always in shorts and t-shirt, works well with others and very presentable. Has short light colored hair and very spunky.
Danielle: Long hair, 16-18, used to be in trouble with police and everything, was a bad ass, but now is polite and well mannered.
Austin: Short hair, 12-15, Still getting used to staying away from trouble, he twitches and has a second personality that is caring and sweet. Loves to learn and loves to figure out difficult things.

Director: Wes Turner Genre: Drama PSA: Atlanta Union Mission
GOAL: To raise awareness among the people of Georgia that all homeless people are NOT bums and drug addicts who chose that way of life. Many homeless people are civilized citizens who would love a chance to contribute to their community if only had a helping hand to get back on their feet.

Albert: 55-65, served in Vietnam.
Rachael: a single mother forced out on the streets when her house was foreclosed after a nasty divorce. Doesn’t know the whereabouts of her son’s father.
Eric: about 8, is homeless right along side his mother.
Dennis: formerly a medical Doctor, was forced into poverty when his government-funded clinic was shut down a year after the economy tanked.

Director: Wes Turner Genre: Drama Narrative
SYNOPSIS: Two best friends were victims of prescription drug abuse. They both became clean and single due to different reasons and now live with one another. Will the two be able to keep each other strong and free from drugs or we either (or both) give in to their devilish ways returning to the world of addiction? Are these friends like fire and water, benefitting one another, or like fire and gas, influencing each other back into prescription drug abuse.

Will: Mid-20’s, from the south. He fell into prescription drug addiction, but after completing a de-tox program he is now in recovery. But after re-hab he became very depressed as most do after de-tox, and his girlfriend Charlie, didn’t find him much fun anymore. Charlie left Will and he spun into a deeper depression. Everyday is a fight for Will’s sobriety and each day that passes he becomes more hopeless and non-emotional. He’s all alone, and doesn’t have the energy to care. Death would be a gift in his eyes.
Nathan: Mid-20’s, Will’s best friend, Italian and originally from New York City. He also fell into prescription drug abuse with Will, but has been clean for sometime. After doing so, Nathan realized he was pushed to drugs abuse due to being in an on-going unhappy relationship. He left his girlfriend Tina and has moved into Will’s house to try and breathe life back into his once fun, exciting and outgoing best friend. Can Nathan help Will, or will the two former addicts rub each other the wrong way and fall back into old habits?