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Contact Us

Phone: (404) 603-9454
Fax: (404) 603-9456 (no cover)

Voiceover inquiries to:
All others to:

Houghton Talent, Inc.
919 Collier Rd. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318-2533

Seeking talent for a student film or independent project? We actually do sometimes work for free to support the up-and-coming community. Email specifics, including the name of your project, synopsis, role information, union status, shoot location/schedule and contact info for production. Please keep in mind these projects cannot take priority over paid opportunities.

Want us to visit your school, judge your competition, or come to your showcase? Email the details. Participation in any of these events may require an honorarium and in no way secures representation.

Find an answer to your general questions like, “Can I self-submit?”, “Should I join the union?”, or “What is deferred compensation?” Click below to review our submission policies. Please do not call/email/drop off; refer to the submissions page for instructions.


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