Looking for volunteers to sign up for 1 hr blocks of time to read names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

We received this today from Jody Feldman and The Alliance:

Thought some of you might find this rewarding.  No need to reply to me.  Thank you for taking the time to read.  I hope everyone’s summer is off to a good start.

Jody Feldman / Associate Producer / Alliance Theatre – Recipient of the 2007 Regional Theatre Tony Award® 


Ric Woroniecki, a long time supporter of the Alliance Theatre, ask us to invite anyone interested to (A) come view the Vietnam Memorial, and (B) to volunteer to read name for the wall during the display.


We helping the team that is bringing a traveling replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC to Roswell on 4,5, & 6 July.  The wall is 240 feet long and 8 feet high and contains the names of more than 58,000 servicemen and women who died or are missing in Vietnam. 


We are  looking for volunteers to sign up for 1 hour blocks of time on the above dates to read names that are on the wall. Our thought was the volunteers would bring family and friends and divide up between themselves the 1 hour time block and read the names.  You do not have to be in the military or any way related to the military other than your support of our country and troops to do this.  If anything, this memorial brings a sense of awareness and much needed reflection to those who have not served in the military about the sacrifices that are made by our warriors and their families.


Again, as is so often the case, we who have been associated with the military will carry the responsibility for this worthy project.  I would be glad to work with you on a time if you are available. 


You should contact Staff Sergeant Kristine R. Spoerl, U.S. Marine Corps Recruiter regarding the July 4th, 5th, and 6th event.  She is at the Recriting Sub-Station Atlanta, 878 Mansell Road, Ste. D2, Roswell, GA  30076, (770) 993-2362/6312/6315. Please reference me (Richard C. Woroniecki ,Office: 770-451-5598 Cell: 770-331-9324 woroniecki@bellsouth.net) & Roger Wilson & Team Ivy (The Ivy League alumni group).