Audition Opportunity – NYU Thesis Film

Please read below for info on an upcoming project – if you’d like to submit please follow the instructions below.


The following is an opportunity for your talent to gain Significant exposure, film experience, build resume & reel.  SAG Waiver
PROJECT:  Graduate Thesis Student Film, NYU
DIRECTOR:  Basil Mironer
PRODUCER:  Tommy Oliver
CASTING DIRECTOR:  Lynn Stallings/On Screen Casting     770-366-6888 cell
FORMAT:  20  min, Dramatic Narrative,
RED ONE  Camera.
Pre-reads: Thurs. & Fri. Aug 5th & 6th
Callbacks: Wed. Aug 11th
Tentative Rehearsals: Aug 18 –20.
Principle Photography: Aug 21–31st.
The Studio Of The Arts, 8560 Holcomb Bridge Rd. Suite 111
Alpharetta, GA 30022
SHOOT LOCATION:   South Carolina
PROVIDED:  Transportation, meals & lodging.
SUBMISSION:  You may submit electronic headshots & resumes & make an audition appointment via email, directly at:
Talent should not call.
Note:  The most challenging character to cast will be Som Wang (Thai female
20-35 years old). We would appreciate any recommendations that you may have.
Thank you!
Lynn Stallings
On Screen Casting
1)   BEN   MOORE   (12 – ‐15 years  old, Caucasian  Male) Precocious budding pyromaniac who isn’t happy with his dad’s new mail order bride.  (LEAD) (FILLED)
2)    SOM WANG   (20-35 years old, Thai, Female) Stranger in a strange land, wants security by being accepted into a judgmental southern community.  Attractive and friendly, has past alcoholic tendencies, lover more than a fighter. Fluent in Thai is a plus.  (LEAD) (OPEN)
3)    GENE MOORE (45-55 years old, Caucasian Male) An emotionally struggling widower & father brings a Thai mail order bride into his household while trying to be devoted to his adolescent son. He tries to balance work and fatherhood while trying to make his new relationship with the Thai woman work. In the back of his mind, the recent death of his wife lingers. (LEAD) (OPEN)
4)    MAGGIE  CASH  (12 to 15 years old, Caucasian Female) Sharp tongued, arrogant.  Classmate  of Ben Moore. (SUPPORTING) (OPEN)
5)   LINDA CASH  (40’s, Caucasian Female) High Society,  Southern Belle, ex-girlfriend of Gene Moore.
6)   MRS.  CHILDERS  (40’s-60’s, Caucasian Female) Energetic Middle School teacher, a facilitator.  (SUPPORTING) (OPEN)
7)  SOUTHERN HUNK   (20′, Caucasian Male) Muscular, handsome, charming, and a bit dim witted.(SUPPORTING) (OPEN)
SIDES ATTACHED:  Note, Gene has 2 scenes, Som Wang has 5, Linda has 1, Maggie & Mrs. Childers have 1 and Southern Hunk has 1.  Characters are written on the top of each page.