Women in Film & Television Atlanta’s 2009 Mentorship Program


We are pleased to announce the 2009 WIFTA mentorship program!  
The goal of the program is to provide members with access to a seasoned professional in their career field or area of interest.  It is a four month commitment, during which time the mentor will meet with the member once a month for the first three months; the fourth meeting will be an onsite visit at the mentor’s place of work or on a project (if applicable).  Any additional meetings can be decided upon between the mentor and mentee.   The Mentorship Program offers mentees the opportunity to ask questions, gain insights, assess their goals and learn important information about their field. However, mentors are NOT expected to provide job or internship opportunities to the mentees, nor teach specific skills.  

Applicants must be a current WIFTA member in good standing.  
Applying does not guarantee acceptance into the program.  

Applications are due by June 26, 2009 (all materials must be received by this date).  
Those selected to participate in the mentorship program will be announced by July 13, 2008.  The program will run from July thru October 2009.  
The program is competitive and is reserved for serious applicants only.
For more details & to download an application – click here. (HYPERLINK TO APPLICATION ON WEBSITE)

Interested in serving as a Mentor?
WIFTA is currently seeking skilled professionals who would be willing to act as mentors.  Mentors are not required to be WIFTA members, nor do they need to be women.  For more details – please contact Shani Harris Peterson, Vice President of Professional Development at: vpprofdev@wifta.org