Taping Services

We want to make sure everyone has a chance to be seen when requested for an audition – even when we can’t tape you ourselves.  On those rare occasions when we can’t get you in to meet a deadline or you’re not available when we’re taping, we strongly recommend you use a professional service (unless you are experienced in taping auditions).  Taping services provide a professional setting and reader for the best read possible.  Here’s a list of current options, their prices vary but are all reasonable and these are all people we know well and recommend highly.  We hope this will allow you to get in on auditions when your schedule isn’t working w/ ours or for those last minute deadlines!

Back To One Creative – Scott Poythress & Claire Bronson – backtoonecreative@me.com – 404.289.1144

Get Taped! – Brooke & Matthew Cornwell – get_taped@comcast.net – 404.551.5123

Casting Direct – Tim Donner & Jamie Catrett – castingdirectatl@gmail.com – 310.420.9645

KellyCASTING – Kelly Tippens – kellycasting@gmail.com

Blueprint 4 Hollywood – Kristen Shaw – blueprintforhollywood@gmail.com – 770.649-5663

Keep in mind that we aren’t always able to take taped auditions outside of what we do in the office, so read your emails closely and check with the agent who requested you before you go to the time and expense (this will also allow us to give you any special instructions if we have them).

We hope this will allow you to submit on more projects, even when your schedule may not allow you to come in to the initial audition or we’re on a last minute deadline!


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