Should you drive to see the Fincannon’s?

I know gas prices are high and that’s certainly a factor but for any talent wondering if it’s worth the trouble to drive to Wilmington or New Orleans to audition in person for the Fincannon’s, I asked a successful Atlanta talent for an opinion.  Here’s what I got back.  mb


13 round trips…


10,920 miles total….


182 hours spent in the car, and that is being conservative…


lost count of how many auditions on tape…


From one liners to recurring roles to films with major hollywood

stars…That’s how long, how invested I was, in landing my FIRST role

thru the Fincannon’s.


I started auditioning for them early in my career (mid 90’s) and didn’t

land my first role till 1999.  Since then, they have given me every

chance they can to shine, and I appreciate every single opportunity.

Lisa Mae, Craig and Mark LOVE actors.  They are advocates of our

process, they want us to do well, they take great pride in what we do.

They are the kind of casting director that really cares about us and

what we do in that small world of an audition room.  They remember us.


If people want to hang it up after one trip, please tell them to do

so!  I will be happy, willing and honored to take their place and get

in the car right now.  And you can tell every living soul I said this.