Contact sheet or disc?

I’d like to think as an industry we’re pretty current and as an agency, Houghton has tried to embrace technology.  The exception is, for us, with reviewing and selecting headshots. 


We strongly prefer contact sheets over choosing online.  Yes, it’s what we’re used to so we’re a bit stuck in our ways… but it’s also tedious to review material on multiple discs, online, etc and easily choose top picks.  We don’t want it to cost you a lot, or eat a lot of your time finding the right resource, and because industry photographers are moving away from contact sheets, it may seem as though we’re asking you to jump through hoops but the honest truth is the contact sheets are just faster and more efficient.


So when you shoot, please ask your photographer to provide contacts, and if they don’t, please try to get contacts for your agent from Wolf or Wal Mart or Office Depot.  ***if anyone knows who does this at a reasonable rate, and with relative ease without requiring lots of effort or explanation on the part of the actor who just needs the contacts, please send me the info and I will update the post. 


Update from Tracy Page w/ Babycake Studios:  Just a quick note to say that yes, I will provide clients with contact sheets. They are included in my base price and are a “on request item” but I’m happy to do them. They cost me $2 per sheet and I will do for up to 36 shots.