Need copy of that TV show/movie now?

For those of you who haven’t the time or technical know-how to lift your footage from a TV show or movie that’s currently online, I’m offering the service for $5/scene. Only $10 for unlimited scenes in the same project. If you have a lot of footage to grab, I will work out a sweet deal that will be well worth the money. I will provide a full-quality version of each clip that can be used for a demo reel or Actors Access, as well as a smaller file that can be used as an e-mail attachment. In addition, if you have multiple scenes from the same project, I will edit them together to make one larger clip. Feel free to see examples on my website:

I have a Paypal account for simplicity, so that everything can happen electronically. E-mail me if you’re interested:

ACT NOW, because once the requests start piling up, I will likely need to raise the rate.