“Talent On Target” seminar LIVE on the Web!

Attention Performers!
Many of you have requested us to travel to a location near you to do our powerful and career-shifting seminars…well, wait no more!
New and just for you! Starting on Wednesday, July 15th we are now offering a mini-version of our highly-informative “Talent On Target” seminar LIVE on the Web!  Available to you, anywhere in the world!
Be prepared to take your career in a direction that is based on RESULTS and measured in REAL GAINS. No more spinning your wheels! No more wasting time! Simply put, no more non-sense!
We hope you take 73 minutes to watch & listen… and then take your career to new heights with efficiency and swiftness!
Trish Powell, Operations Manager
Holdon Log – “The Standard in Performer Organizational Tools”