Student project for Kids all ages

Lazara Leonard is searching for talent for a Kids and Teens news program/ show – as a student project, there is no pay but if you’re interested, send email to:  Keep in mind that Houghton is providing this information but we haven’t qualified this in any way so you should do your own research and qualifying.  It does sound like a neat concept and a good opportunity.


There are two parts to this show: KT2 NEWS and News Kids


KT2 News is a real news show that it’s anchors and reporters are all kids ranging from age 4-18. KT2 News covers real issues in adolescent life and it also covers activities and other fun things that kids enjoy.


News Kids is a run off of KT2 news but a totally different show. The starting plot is that all the kid’s belong to one agent that took kids that were desperate to make it in the industry. And she took them all on to help them. And as she was about to be successfull with at least 3/4 of them she dies. Killing any opportunity the kids had to make it in the industry. But without notice she left the agency to her wicked sister that shut it down.  And left a News station that kids never knew she owned to all 17 kids that were part of her agency. The twist is that since they’re kids (and with the sisters doing) the kids must come together and find an individual of real life Atlanta agency based agency that will pull the needed permits for them to solely run the News Station. So this show is somewhat of a reality show.

At first this show will run off You Tube. This show covers what happens before and after the KT2 News is over. It is mildly scripted and will cover issues children face. This show will not be developed until KT2 News is establish.


The auditions for KT2 News will be filmed to its entirety. Anyone that comes to audition will also be an extra. This will serve at footage for the introduction of News Kids


My plan at the moment is to find talent, build a website, shoot a pilot of both the news and the show and post on the website and approach investors.




Is a new show developed by DMP.  This show will be aired on public TV, till it is picked up by a mayor network station.  And for this to happen we are in need of  talented girls and boys.


Auditions are by invitation only!


If you wish to secure an audition please have your parents submit your headshots, EPK and resume. If we are interested we will contact you as to audition dates.


People that submit EPK (electronic press kits) will be given preference.


Your EPK should consist of no more than a 1min video showing you doing a news story on what ever topic you would like.


2 /4-6yr. olds 

Must speak well and be outgoing. Not fear full or camera shy.


2/7-9yr. olds

Must like video games. Boy scouts or nature kids a huge plus.


2/10-13yr. old

Must like movies, games, fashion and more. Must be outgoing and fun


2/14-16yr. old

Must be crazy, think Disney meets Hollywood, well behaved and able take orders and follow through.


2/17-18yr. old 

Must be crazy, think Nickelodeon. Be very outgoing, in high school, and must be able to take  direction.