NEEDED: African Dancers & Drummers

WHAT: African Dancers & Drummers for live event
WHERE: Atlanta, GA (specific location TBD)
WHEN: Mid-December (specific date/time TBD)
RATE: Negotiable (send quotes with submission)
NEEDED: Resume, Video, AND Pictures of performer

We are in need of 2 African Dancers and 2 African Drummers for a live event that will take place in December.  The drummers will be providing the music and the dancers will be mingling and dancing amongst the crowd while giving basic instructions on the steps (they’ll be given a headset microphone).  The client is looking for several options to choose from.

At the moment we do not have location, date, or time, but the client would like to go ahead and begin looking at submissions.  To submit please email resume, video, and pictures of you drumming or dancing – we’ll be using these to create an electronic submission packet so send anything you think sells you for this specific casting (for example: you may need to re-write your resume to specifically highlight your dancing credentials).  Please also send a rate quote with your submission – we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to get it but will certainly try, and it’s important it’s a competitive quote since your rate will be a factor in who the end client chooses.

Please feel free to forward or post this to others that may be qualified.

Thanks and we look forward to your submissions!

Chase Paris
Houghton Talent, Inc.
404.603.9454 x204