Babies Needed!


We need babies age 4-10 months.  Our client is holding an audition this Friday, 12/11/09.  They will be doing photo shoots later in December and January paying $250 less 20% commission for a 3 hour shoot and usage.

We have a new procedure for your child to be considered for this audition.  Please go to and create a profile for your baby.  This is a secure website and you can post 2 photos at no charge.

What we need you to do:

Log in to Actor’s Access.  All of this info is done in your child’s name with their stats.
If you have never signed up for Actor’s Access please see the info at the bottom of the page to get started.  Click on REGISTER.

Please indicate that you want to be attached to Houghton Kids.
Once registered, please post 2 free images on this site.  They do not have to be professional shots, snapshots are great.  Please make sure they are current photos (less than 4 weeks old).

Make sure all your child’s personal data is filled in and correct.  No one has access to this data unless we allow them to see it.  We especially need the child’s DATE OF BIRTH and your contact info, including cell numbers, email address, and your name.
I’ll be back in touch with details if the client wants to see your child in person on Friday.

Once you have done all of this please email with your child’s name, your name, phone number, and email address.  Once we’ve received all of this we’ll be able to use your child for the submission!

Once you’re set up we will keep submitting your child as opportunities arise – all you need to do is update your child’s picture with a current one every month and keep their stats (height, weight, etc) up to date!

Thanks, Deb

Deborah F. Owensby – Agent
Houghton Talent, Inc..the link between creative people
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