Spec Casting

POPfilms, the company that brought the sci-fi horror film The Signal is casting a short prologue to their next feature film. Most roles are non-paid but will be offered a credit in the feature. Please submit headshots and resumes to casting@popfilms.org by Wednesday, January 21st. Please include the role you are posting for in your email.

LEVON- In his 30s, he is a flamboyantly dressed black man whom everyone assumes is gay. The star of the karaoke bar, he is a talented singer who’s starting to generate some real buzz. Considered “the ultimate” among the karaoke in-crowd, he is the one Bo has to beat..

APRIL- In her 30s, with long blonde hair, April is a tennis player (albeit a terrible one). She’s a friendly, upbeat woman with a passion for fashion but hasn’t really figured out the taste part yet. April is turned on by the attention she gets from this strange karaoke world. April is looking for any excuse to be away from her failing marriage, these bowling alley schleps have stroke gold with this hottie.

BO- 17 years old, a member of his church choir, Bo can wail but church singing ain’t getting him action with the high school girls.  He’s a likable and polite young man, a romantic at heart, but he finds himself wanting to be on top of the hokey and seedy world of bowling alley karaoke. What 17 year old wouldn’t want the grand prize of 100 bucks.

Bob Benson: Male, Caucasian, 50’s, handsome TV talent show host (Think Ed McMahon or Regis Philbin)

Darla Adams: 18-20,  All-American, pretty, bubbly girl. A singer, she wins the TV talent show. (Think: Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Jordin Sparks)

Asian Boy/Girl Models: Need 2 Female and 2 Male model-types 18-23, Asian, non-speaking

Musician: Male, 20’s, Asian. 1970’s era rockstar.

Masaki Clan Leader: Male, 50’s or older, Asian (preferably Japanese). Old, wise Samurai leader.

Ken: Male, 40s, Asian. Bar owner in 1970s.

Kinji: Male, 30s, Asian (preferably Japanese). A Samurai, quiet, strong, hero

Pupil: Female, Age 7-9, Caucasian, small, blonde karate student

Karaoke Performers: Any age, ethnicity accepted. But you need to be a fantastic singer.