Methods In The Madness…1.13.15

Methods in the Madness…1.13.15

Hi and Happy New Year!  Hope you had a nice break, we’re back and busy and here’s your Methods in the Madness…(information we frequently answer, or wish talent knew/would do/wouldn’t do…)

HELP US HELP YOU TIP #23 –   In your 2015 industry goals, you may have had some of the following:  new headshot, updated or finally completing a demo, casting workshops, an ongoing class, keeping better records, branding, networking…  BUT I want to encourage you (from a “Your Move w/ Andy Stanley” podcast that challenged me) to choose “just one thing” to really be attentive to in the coming year.  The idea being that we all have one thing that, given focus, could really make an impact in our life in the next year, or even six months.  So instead of going broad, and possibly coming up short, consider what would be your one thing, and stay with it all year.  This could completely move the needle for each of us in 2015.  

YOU CAN’T KNOW TIL YOU KNOW TIP #23 – Many times we’ve seen that there’s a word or phrase in an audition that causes actors to stumble.  You’re frustrated that you can’t hit it perfectly when taping or auditioning in person – but, in fact, other talent tend to stumble over the same part – which tells the producer/writer/buyer/end client that there’s an issue, and they rewrite accordingly.  That’s not to say don’t worry about the copy but don’t obsess – if it’s truly unnatural and difficult to say, you won’t be the only one – and the end client usually uses that knowledge to improve the copy.


Our 25th is on the 25th!!!



Sunday, January 25th

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