Indy Audition – BROMIES

Creative Studios of Atlanta is casting an Indie project. Please see details below.

Casting Notice

Boy L Entertainment is producting a TV Pilot called BROMIES.

The one day shoot is being directed by Leandra Fiori. This is a Non-Union shoot and pay is deferred. Copies, meals and Credit provided.


This is the pilot episode of BROMIES, entitled New Beginnings.As the Ross family adjusts to their new environment, Carmelo runs into trouble in their old neighborhood when a bully jealous of their new found wealth starts harassing him.


Paul Ross : Caucasian Male 39-45. He’s a talented architect, as well as a loving and supportive family head. However, he sometimes makes a fool of himself trying to speak the boys’ lingo.Pamela Ross: African American Female 35- 38. Paul’s wife. She’s a strong but loving person, a woman who knows who she is. Together, she and Paul have 5 children.

Devante Ross: Bi-racial Male 16. Devante` Ross is the eldest of the boys. He’s kind of outgoing and somewhat conceited. He considers himself a ladies man.

Kelly Ross: Bi-racial Male 15. Kelly Ross is the cool one of the bunch. He’s totally hip-hop. You can see it in the way he talks, walks, and dresses.

Patrick Ross: Bi-racial Male 13. Patrick Ross is somewhat of a prankster. He’s the brother who usually finds himself in disciplinary troubles, whether at school, or at home.

Carmelo Ross: Bi-racial Male 12. Carmelo Ross is the definition of the guy next door, laid back, dependable, trustworthy, and always ready to lend help to a friend.

Brent Ross: Bi-racial Male 10. Brent Ross is the youngest of the boys. He’s your typical ten-year-old who’s always in to something.

Supporting Cast

Casey Colbert: Caucasian Male 16. Casey Colbert is one of Devante’s classmates. He and Devante go at it often. However, their relationship is not one based on hate, but rather competition (think Zack and Slater/Save By The Bell).Vanessa Childs: Caucasian Female 16. Vanessa Childs is also a classmate of Devante’s who just happens to be his next door neighbor. She has a thing for Devante`, but won’t admit it.

Alexis Romero: Hispanic or Asian Female 16. Alexis Romero is another student at Jefferson High. She’s very beautiful and is the most popular girl in school. She’s not above using her feminine wiles to get her way, and usually does.

Harmony Whitfield: Caucasian Female 16. Harmony Whitfield is Alexis’ somewhat nerdy best friend who worships the ground she walks on.

Teacher: Caucasian Female 28-32.

High School Students: 10-15 high school students for classroom and hallway scenes. Mixed races, but primarily white.

Send Headshots and Resumes to:
Creative Studios of Atlanta

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We look forward to seeing you soon.


Kenneth Feinberg

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