DARP Audition

DARP audition

For:  “The Best of Atlanta”

Casting: Wednesday, July 29th with call backs Thursday, July 29th

Location: DARP Studios, 576 Trabert Ave NW # A, Atlanta, GA

Shoot:  Saturday, August 1st

Casting four hosts/correspondents of an Entertainment and Society magazine show that represents the best and newest of high-end Atlanta for the purposes of shooting a “test pilot”.   Footage will be used internally to allow the production team to screen test the format of the show.

Producers are looking for classy and refined TALENT, preferably in the age range in their 30s to early 40s, and are interested in creating a cast of male and females of MIXED ETHNICITIES.  Should be in relatively good physical shape and have hosting experience.

This is a project done “on spec”.  As such, the Talent is expected to work on a deferred compensation, receiving payment only if the project were to go into ACTUAL PRODUCTION for a pilot.  The intent is to showcase the best
of Atlanta, including the talent here as well.   Talent would be auditioning for and working with Dallas Austin.