Blank Stage Theatre Auditions July 31st

Audition Notice

Blank Stage Theater


Auditions for male and female actors ages 18 and up for the return of Mr. Right-Enough, an original long-form improv show produced by The Blank Stage in Marietta. While most of the cast is returning from a previous run, we ha ve a few principal roles available and are also looking for talented actors to fill in as understudies during our 6-week run.

Performances are Thurs – Sat, August 21st through September27th. All cast are guaranteed the opportunity to perform.

Example picWe are looking for versatile actors who can play multiple roles. No monologue required. Headshot/resume requested but not necessary. Come prepared to show off your skills!

Those cast can expect to rehearse 8-10 nights over a three week period prior to opening. Small percentage of the door paid to all actors and crew involved. Call or email Lesley to RSVP at 404-406-0366 or Those who are interested in auditioning but cannot make it to auditions on the 31st may request special accomodations for Sunday, August 3rd between 11 and 5:00

Details :

* Who: male and female actors ages 18 and up

* When: July 31tst, 7-10p

* Where: 585 Cobb Parkway

Marietta Ga 30060

* Why: for the return of

Mr. Right-Enough

* RSVP: 404-406-0366

Show Dates

* Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night

* August 21 thru Sept 27


* Contact: Brent Brooks

* Tel. 404-217-6903

* By email

* Website

* 585 Cobb Parkway

Marietta Ga. 30060

* Show Dates:

August 21 – Sept 25

Mr. Right Enough

Dating has never been so … digital.

Marietta, GA – If you’re single, then having a sexy MySpace, eHarmony, or any online dating profile is critical, right? Your image is everything. But what happens when the things you list aren’t exactly true: You’re much shorter than 6’2″, you don’t make $300,000 a year, and you still live in your parents’ basement.

Example picIn the Blank Stage’s original Mr. Right-enough, the idea of the perfect profile is flipped completely upside down when our hero decides to take matters into his own hands. By creating the anti-MySpace social networking website and encouraging everyone to list only their major flaws, a mini-revolution sparks and our hero finds himself in a place he never thought he would end up… on top of the social food chain.

In The Blank Stage’s latest romantic comedy Mr. Right-enough, themes of individuality and true love shine through. Fortunately for all of those that missed the first run, the cast is delighted to come back and do it again. “Since all of our shows are original, we never really know how they are going pan out, so with Mr. Right-enough we decided to produce a small, limited run,” says director Vas Sanchez.

“Due to sell-out crowds, repeat business and just how much fun the show is we all feel this is the right move.”

Blank Stage brings its unique brand of theme based, long-form, narrative improv back to the stage with a second run of the romantic comedy Mr. Right-enough. Each show is completely different as real life audience members are profiled and portrayed live onstage, each night. Questions like “What is your most annoying habit?” or “what would you never put on a your MySpace profile?” are used as the foundation for each character and placed into the matrix of the romantic comedy story line.

Does the idea of just showing up freak you out?

Don’t worry, you certainly don’t have to participate in filling out the audience profiles. While this show is an original date option, Mr. Right-enough has a little something for everybody. For the ladies it has those tug-at-your-heart type moments with a real complex love story, for the guys the show is loaded with plenty of eye candy and sophomoric humor.

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