If you knew Bevelyn Lummis…

Bevelyn Lummis was a hand model/actress/singer and dear talent and friend to Houghton.  This is a tribute her husband Jason Hardy sent.  Their son Luke was involved in an ad campaign about kids of parents with cancer and it’s so beautiful, I just have to post for those of you who knew her.  What an amazing woman and what a tribute her children will be to her life. 


I just wanted to past a youtube link of Luke’s interview for the Bausch & Lomb campaign.  This is different/informal version a friend of ours (who we met during the photo shoot) put together.  It has some different stuff on it, including a segment about Luke’s own “CANpaign” at school, where they are raising can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.


The link is:



Of course, if you haven’t seen the beautiful final copy www.renucares.com please check it out.