Cars Crash Through Houghton Parking Lot

I thought that title might get your attention!


You all know that Collier Road is a very busy road.  You all know how fast the traffic travels down the hill.  What you may not know is that for some strange reason, many drivers seem to have trouble coming straight down the hill.  Instead, they have a puzzling tendency to crash through our parking lot.


Just in the last two weeks, two different people have lost control, careened through our lot, crashed vehicles, fences, shrubbery and even the building next door to us.  Luckily, these accidents occurred on the weekend and no one was seriously injured.  But they serve as a good reminder of just how dangerous our front lot can be.


So for your safety, we ask the following:


  • Please park up the hill whenever possible, even if you think you may only be here for a few minutes.
  • Never leave your children and other loved ones in your car when parked in our lot.
  • Never leave your pets in your car when parked in our lot.
  • Never leave valuables, especially your purse or laptop visible in your car, where ever you park.