“Graves Anatomy” Running until Wed. April 20th

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Writer Spot Light

Marc Farley
To get ready to write Grave’s Anatomy, Marc watched a lot of medical dramas.  I mean, A LOT.  In fact, he’s pretty sure that if he had to, he’d be able to remove a two and three-quarter inch suture with only a bendy straw and some gauze pads.  And then after, he’d head to his local watering hole and drink until he’s amazing medical skills were needed again.  That’s how Marc lives now, surgery to surgery, amazing doctors with his vast knowledge of medical terms.
A Taste of Mystery
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Phone: (404) 584 – 2211
Phone: (404) 584 – 2255


Just a reminder about our current show running thru Wednesday April 20, 2011. “GRAVES ANATOMY”
Reservations: 404-584-2255  Info: 404-584-2211
www.agathas.com  : 161 Peachtree Center Ave
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Running until Wed. April 20th, 2011

Coming soon:  The Bachelor: A Date with Death.  Starts April 21st!

Katie Kneeland
If there’s been one thing that Katie has always wanted to do, it’s walk into a room and start yelling about what she needs.  That’s why she likes doctors, and that’s why she likes it here, she gets to yell at people, and sometimes they bring her things.  Oh, and some of it even has to do with the show.  Not much, but don’t judge her.  ARE YOU JUDGING HER?!?!  Oh man, are you in troooouuubbbllleee……

Ryan Girard
Medicine.  Ryan doesn’t know about medicine.  The one thing he does know is that….uh…..did he mention he doesn’t know medicine?  Good.  Cuz he doesn’t.  I mean, he could probably show you where to start cutting, but not if you wanted it to get better after he did.  Come see him not know anything about science, then ask him a math question.  He loves math. Well not loves, but he knows Algebra.  Basic Algebra.  Not like college, don’t ask him about that.
emilio pic Emilio Perey

Emilio is back and he’s ready to rumble.  Not fight.  He doesn’t want to fight.  He wants to rumble, like in West Side Story.  Oh, to dance fight is so much more enjoyable.  No blood, no bruises, and you get to wear leg warmers!  Come see Emilio fulfill his mother’s dream of him becoming a doctor.
Tara Tara Ochs

This is Tara’s first show here with Agatha’s.  That doesn’t mean she hasn’t been working all over.  She worked with Second City this past year.  Yes.  Second City.  That Second City.  Yes.  The one you’re thinking of.  That’s the one.  That’s who she worked with.  This past year.  Second City.  Yeah.  Now she’s here.  Working.  Like she did with Second City.
We hope we’ll see you soon! Rick, Cat and all of us at Agatha’s.