Benefit for the two williams (stilwell casting) Xtra Medium Live at Smith’s Olde Bar

Hello everyone!  This is Brian with another 2 Williams Project update.  As you all know our first Habitat Concert at Smiths Olde Bar was a smashing success, as we raised over $10,000 in cash and materials for our House #2 to be built at the beginning of next year.  This success was attributed to dedicated actors, agents, and to the Stilwell’s who have brought an overwhelmingly positive community come together. 


I am proud to announce that next week we will have Round 2 of our Habitat fundraising effort.  Smith’s has graciously given us a Saturday night for this event, and I must say it is quite an opportunity to raise more money and support, and have a great time dancing and partying with Xtra Medium.  In case you did not know, Xtra Medium is the band I sing for and we really know how to have a good time (last time I was on crutches after the show).  I am hoping that our acting community will rally together once again for a great cause. 


We really need those of you who have tickets to help get them out to the people.  We need those of you who have talent and friends that might want to support our cause to get the word out.  I really am having a hard time rallying the troops for this benefit, so if you can help… please do!!  I have tickets here at the office or you can get them online at: .   Tickets will also be available at the door the night of the event. 


Tickets are $10.00 and once again our band has decided to donate 100% of the proceeds to the 2 Williams Home #2.  All of you who came last time know that this is a wild concert experience and we are hoping that you will join us again, this time on a Saturday, so it should really get interesting.  If you would like to support our cause, please help promote our show and let me know if I can get you tickets or any other info.


Thanks,     Brian B. & The Stilwell Family


Saturday, June 7th  9:00PM-2:00AM

For tickets :  Call Brian at Stilwell or go to

Tickets also available at the door