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October 2011
Casting Director Jen Kelley –
What Makes A Great Commercial Audition?

8 week course, Thursday nights – October 13 thru December 8 (skips Thanksgiving, November 24th)

Cost: $250 (may be paid in two payments of $125)
Call 404-499-9996 to check availability and to register.

Knowing the business, preparing the audition, booking the job.

Georgia’s entertainment industry continues to grow.  Yet, while the opportunities are greater, so is the competition.  Current technology has widened the playing field so Atlanta actors need to be able to compete in a national market.

Casting Director Jen Kelley will —

*Give you the tools you need to present yourself well to both casting and clients.

*Take you step by step through all the fundamentals of commercial auditioning.

*Teach you the dos and don’ts of commercial acting so you can maximize your opportunities and avoid some of the common pitfalls.

*Give you a comprehensive understanding of what happens behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera.

Jen Kelley has worked as a talent agent in both Los Angeles and Atlanta for the past 19 years.  In October 2011, she begins her new career as a casting director.  Together with Rita Harrell, they launch their new Casting Agency, “Big Picture Casting”.

Beginning Voice-Over
Taught by Della Cole

As head of the voice-over department with one of Atlanta’s top agencies, Della enjoyed booking talent for this challenging and fun area of the business.  We’ve all heard the voice behind the TV commercial, or the radio spot that compels us to buy that product!  It sounds so easy when we hear it, but the fact is…it takes practice.
7-10 PM 3 Thursdays, October 13, 20, and 27
Maximum of 14
Call 404-499-9996 to check availability and to register, or

This workshop introduces you to the tools and techniques of voice-over.  In this 3-week class, you will learn—

*Microphone technique
*Enunciation and delivery (how to bring it off the page and deliver in ideas)
*Reading with inflection to sound natural and conversational
*Pacing and how to approach the different styles of commercials

Standup Comedy Class
with Comedian Josh Harris

Do you want to be funny? Ever dreamed of sending huge crowds into fits of laughter, having throngs of people screaming your name, and making your mama proud? Well here’s your chance!

Nationally acclaimed comedian Josh Harris from NBC’s Stand Up for Diversity, Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes, and Dave FM’s Atlanta’s Funniest Person Finalist shows you how to “find your funny” in this 8-week comedy class! Atlanta’s fastest risingfunnyman breaks down the basics of stand up comedy; from crafting a joke, to developing stage presence, and finding your comedic voice. The result; your own rocking comedy set you get to show off to the world! This crash course in humor is for anyone looking to be a professional comic, improve their public speaking, improve their confidence, or just be a lot funnier!

The class will culminate in a live Graduation Show where students perform their polished material in front a packed audience of friends and family at one of Atlanta’s hottest clubs!

“If comedy classes were football teams, Josh’s most recent graduation would have been Superbowl champions. In my 50 years of stand up comedy and 30 years of seeing comedy class graduations, Josh Harris’ Comedy Class was by far the funniest!”
-Jerry Farber (Comedian, Jerry Farber’s Side Door Comedy Club partner, 3 Time Atlanta Entertainer of the Year AJC, CREATIVE LOAFING, WSB)

“The class was a lot of fun.  What I liked most was all the personalized attention, which really helped to develop sets and get comfortable on stage quickly.”
-Robin Henry

Students will receive:

*A DVD of your Graduation Show!
*Stand up comedy worksheets
*A list of all the clubs and open Mics in Atlanta!
*A free hug from Josh (You’re Welcome)

7-10pm Thursdays, October 20 thru December 9 (skips November 24)
Graduation Performance at Jerry Farber’s Side Door, December 11
Cost: $250 (may be paid in two payments of $125)
Maximum of 8

Call 404-499-9996 to check availability and to register.

Most theatre is dignified, refined, an evening of classy, artistic expression that makes patrons feel as if they are among the cultural elite.

That’s not Sketchworks.  We go Ape Skit!

Atlanta’s premiere live sketch comedy troupe is at it again with an all-new main stage show, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm thru October 22nd at Sketchworks Theatre.  Mark our words…this show is going to be a hit and shows are going to sell out.  We have told the cast we’re taking them hiking in Iran if that doesn’t happen.  So the earlier you come to the show, the better.

“Going Ape Skit” is directed by Brian Bremer. Tickets are only 15 bucks online at

Call 404-499-9996 FIRST to check availability, then call with credit card info, Register Online through PayPal, mail a check or money order, or come by to pay with cash (call first).

10% discount on classes (excludes special workshops) for WIFTA, AFF 365, ACPA, and AFTRA/SAG members.

Classes are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.  Payment holds your space.

Intro to On-Camera Acting – Maximum 14 – $90 Total
7-10pm – 3 Tuesdays, October 4, 11, and 18 – ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT!
On-Camera Acting I – Maximum 14 – $250 or $125/month
7-10pm Wednesdays, October 5 thru November 30 (skips November 23)
On-Camera Acting II – Maximum 12 – $250 or $125/month
7-10pm Wednesdays, October 12 thru December 7 (skips November 23)
Film/TV Audition – Maximum 12 – Instructor approval needed – Only $99/month
7-10pm, Ongoing MONDAYS

Beginning Voice-Over – Maximum 14 – ONLY $99 TOTAL!
7-10pm, 3 Thursdays, October 13, 20, and 27
Intermediate Voice-Over – Maximum 12 – Instructor approval required – $295 (may be
paid in two installments of $147.50)
Voice-Over Demo Workshop – Maximum 6 – Instructor approval required – $395 – $100
non-refundable deposit
VO Master Class – Maximum 12 – Instructor approval required
Guest Instructor, VO Agent Jeffrey Umberger
7-10pm MONDAYS, Ongoing — Only $99/month
Cory Jaccino writes:

At yourACT, you’re encouraged to try new things and grow in whatever direction you want. They offer classes, workshops, and seminars for kids and teens as well as adults. They regularly have film and TV audition classes for beginners all the way up to their on-going master class. They even encourage you to sit in and audit a class to make sure you’re at the right level and that it’s the right fit for you and your goals.

There are also voice over, improv, theatre, private coaching, and special seminars where they bring in well known industry professionals such as casting directors and agents, from Atlanta as well as Los Angeles, who give you a current, real world feel for what they’re wanting to see at the audition.

yourACT gives you advice on how to contact agents and photographers and how to prepare for your headshots and demo reels. They’re very flexible, listen, and give honest feedback in a supportive way. They know what you’re going through because they too have been actors in the business for many years and they empathize and relate to the struggles that an actor faces throughout their career. They’re on your side and they really try to do what they can to help you succeed.

yourACT’s owners, Bob Harter and Della Cole, are well known and well connected; I’ve even seen several auditions held right out of their studio! I mention all of these things because it’s a great place to be whether you’re starting out, returning from an acting hiatus, or relocating from another area.

I began here in January 2011, and after only 23 days, a fellow student who enjoyed a scene that we did in class asked me to play a part in one of his independent films. After only 23 days! These are the types of people you’ll find at yourACT. You’ll find opportunities for growing and developing yourself as an actor or voice over talent and even networking as well.

If you’re not sure about where to start or where you fit in, I’m confident that you’ll find a place at yourACT.


Got a funny kid or teen? Get them up there on that stage!

It’s one thing to make some of your friends and family laugh at a party. It’s a whole other ballgame to get on a stage in front of an audience and do stand-up comedy. LIVE! Contestants will have the chance to win trophies, acting classes and more prizes!!!

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind show of original comedy – a combination of of stand-up, improv, and skits performed by kids & teens at Sketchworks Theatre. We want to see your natural raw talent. Kids, you know how funny you are. Friends tell you you’re funny. Parents ask you to do that thing with your eyes, your ears, your toes, etc in front of family and their friends.

Kids Comedy Korner will present an eight-week talent competition & television show which eliminates weekly. At the end of the talent and competition show, a winner in each age category will be crowned KIDS COMEDY CHAMPION.  This show is a combination of The Last Stand-Up Comic meets Who’s Line is it Anyway meets In Living Color – all from a kid’s perspective.

We want to make sure that everyone has a great time. We know how much kids love to take part, so we designed a show that gets kids intrigued by involving the kids. They will suggest themes and even come up with skits and material with help from some of Atlanta’s top improv and comedy teachers.

AUDITIONS will be held again Saturday, October 1st!!  OPEN CALL 1-3pm.

WHERE: yourACT Acting Studios, 3041 N Decatur Rd, Scottdale, GA 30079

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: Bring ONLY the Kids or Teens who are auditioning!! Directions can be found at  Please do NOT call yourACT for directions.

Sponsored by Creative Energy Productions, Sketchworks Theatre, and yourACT Acting Studios Atlanta.  For complete details, go to
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