Where’s your Actor Slate?


Do you have an actor slate yet? If so, are you happy with it? Does it really, truly represent who you are? If not, you need one. Brooke Jaye Cornwell, my wife, uploaded her new actor slate to her personal website in mid-January, and already booked a job – WITHOUT AN AUDITION – from her slate.

As we all know, more and more auditions are done either at the agency, or self-taped (we offer that too!). The casting director and/or client never gets to meet you. The job of the actor slate is to allow potential clients to get to know you – the real you – in lieu of the meeting you in person. This is especially helpful for the out-of-town clients.

We shoot and edit our slates much the same way that Chelsea Studios does it for Actors Access in Los Angeles, but at a fraction of the price. For the month of February ONLY, we are offering this service for $50! After February, the price will go up. So ACT NOW! Your session will include a pre-interview so that you know what questions to expect, 20+ minutes of on-camera footage, full editing services to whittle that footage down to 1-2min, and delivery of your finished slate digitally. For an extra $25, we’ll edit 2 versions of your slate (a short and long version).

Contact us today to lock in your $50 rate (February appointments only). We can be reached at get_taped@comcast.net . Here is my actor slate that I just uploaded to YouTube: