We Need Babies… AGAIN!

Hello and thanks in advance for your help!

We are looking for cute babies, all ethnicities, 4-8 months to audition for a print job.  We have less than 10 audition slots, so don’t delay.  Please complete the form below and email it to deb@houghtontalent.com.  Thanks!

This is the info we need about your child. Rest assured that this information remains with us…we do not pass it on to the client, nor do we sell our database. There is no charge to you for us to enter your child’s information in our database. If the client, after seeing your child’s picture, would like to use your child in advertisements, I will call you with more details.

Parents’ names:
Child’s name:
Date of birth:
Hair color/Eye color:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
E-mail Address:
I need two photos of your smiling child. They don’t have to be professional, snapshots will do. You can send them thru e-mail. I need to know when the pictures were taken. PLEASE NOTE: I ONLY NEED ONE EMAIL AND TWO PHOTOS PER CHILD. Too many photos will jam our server!