Women Angle II Auditions

Please feel free to contact directly:

Writer/Director: Kimberly Jürgen
Submit by Sunday, June 1 to: flightsofangels@gmail.com
Shooting schedule: 2 days (Sat/Sun) either August or early Sept
Pay: Stipend, copy, credit
SAG waiver available

Deah and Jason put off having a baby. By the time they were ready, getting pregnant was not easy. But they have beautiful baby Rose as a result of their efforts. Jason loves being a new dad, but, for Deah, each day is a struggle.

Character Breakdown:
DEAH – F late-30s-early 40s, first-time mom
JASON – M mid-40s, new dad of infant, marathon runner
ROSE – M/F, 3-9 months old in Aug; twins preferred

“A Peacock-Feathered Blue”
Director: Jenna Milly
Submit by Sunday, June 1 to: apeacockfeatheredblue@yahoo.com
Audition: Wed, June 4, 7-10pm, by appointment only
Pay: stipend, copy, credit
SAG waiver available

The Story: A third grade boy who’s failing science decides to invent a new color in order to win the science fair.

Character Breakdown
Male / 7-11 yrs. / white
MARCEL is a dreamer. He’s been in a state of solitude since his father died a year ago. When he realizes he’s failing science, he decides to win the science fair to improve his grade and make his mother happy again.

Female / 29-34 yrs. / white
THE MOTHER is sweet, respectable and perfect, not supermom perfect, but follow the rules perfect. She’s a working class waitress trying to make a stable life for her son. She wants to do everything right so she can get ahead. She’s the type of woman who never leaves a dirty dish in the sink. That would mean she’s not living right and making progress. Her husband died last year, and she’s raising her 9-year-old boy alone. She wants him to do well in school. She’s upset that he’s failing science. She can’t see his true potential for what it is, the artist inside of him.

Male / 40s / race unspecified
MR. BUG had a strict childhood. He teaches science at his former school, the very place where he was stifled. He’ll stop at nothing to discourage young minds from wandering off the beaten path.

Male / 7-11 yrs. / race unspecified
STANLEY is a type-A over-achiever. He’s so competitive, he spends his spare time thinking about ways to get a grade higher than A+. He’s dead set on winning the science fair.

Female / 7-11 yrs / race unspecified
FREDERICA has more of an edge than Stanley because she’s a woman. With her brains, she’ll win the science fair without breaking a sweat.

Male / 30s-40s / race unspecified
FIREMAN #1 feels sorry for the boy who lost his father, but… playing with fire is dangerous, even if Marcel means well.

Male / 20s-30s / race unspecified
FIREMAN #2 doesn’t understand why everyone is being so hard on Marcel, but being the lowest on the totem pole, he does what he’s told.

Female / 20s-30s / race unspecified
MS. BEAN is a young teacher who encourages students to be artistic. She’s having a tough time in this gray town where it seems everyone wants to color inside the lines. She sees something special in Marcel and hopes she can nurture his artistic ability.