Vouchers and Payments

When you work a job, ANY job, please make sure to take a voucher with you and get it filled out.  This is your acting “time card” and what we use to verify your hours and make sure you get paid.  All vouchers should be filled in carefully and clearly so we can make sense of them.  Each one has three pieces that are carbon copies, one goes to production, one you keep for your records, and one is returned to us.  This needs to be done WITHIN 24 HOURS of the date you worked.

We’ve had a few issues with payment lately that would have been easily cleared up if the voucher’s were handled correctly.  We have been unable to invoice clients and/or unable to issue checks to you, the talent, because vouchers weren’t turned in, were turned in late or wrong, or were filled in incorrectly.  In economic times such as these I know everyone wants to get paid as soon as possible so make sure you do your part!

Also, if you have billing inquiries please direct them to htpayments@gmail.com.  Once an agent finishes the paperwork on a job and turns it in to billing they are not in charge of receiving that payment from the client, which is why they usually cannot immediately answer your questions when you call asking about them.  However emailing htpayments@gmail.com will go immediately to Gail and our book keeper Maynita and ALL inquiries will be read and dealt with, so if you have an issue please use this email address.  Phone inquiries about billing should be directed to extension 206.


Gail Houghton

Houghton Voucher for Download

Houghton Voucher

Houghton Voucher