Today is Verda’s last day

This email went out on Wednesday, March 4 but just in case it didn’t get to everyone, posting here as well…

I read a blog recently titled “The Recession Hits Home”, and today I’m reminded of that post as our Houghton staff is affected by the downturn in the economy.  Verda has decided to seek other employment because as we have less commercial/industrial work (both are down across the market/across the industry), there’s less that we need her assistance with.  Although we agree that it is the best choice given the slowdown, it’s hard to see her go because she’s such a loyal and true employee and a great woman of character. 

It’s our sincere hope that this will be a transition rather than a goodbye because one of the best parts of this job is the talent –the people we meet here and have the privilege of working with become cherished and lifelong friends.  Verda is no exception to this rule and her desire is to stay plugged in with extra work, coordinating, production, etc…so you will hopefully still get to see her around. 

Please feel free to reach out to her before she goes.  It has been such a pleasure to come to know and love this darling lady, we want her to know she’s loved and appreciated.  She’s here today, Wednesday, is off tomorrow and then Friday, March 6th will be her last day, leaving around 4p. 

I know that she will miss you guys most of all –

Thanks and best,