Regina Moore class

IMPROV for ACTORS: Focusing on Auditions and Performance
One-on-one with a Casting Director
LOCATION: Moore Casting (Driving Directions on Web Site)
DATE: Saturday, April 14th, 2012
TIME: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm (now extended to 3pm)
COST: $125.00
Improv is not always about being funny. It’s actually about thinking quickly on your feet and being able to react to any situation you may be placed in at an audition or performance.
Regina Moore and Barry McAlister have designed a workshop around improv skills that will, 1) give you simple but powerful tools to use, and 2) allow you to experience an audition through the eyes of the casting director.
Fun and eye opening sessions using improv games and exercises are used to explore basic elements that will put you miles ahead of the competition. Then commercials and scripts will be used to literally place the actor in the audition room, connecting with the casting director one on one.
It can be difficult to relax when the actor walks through the casting door, and this workshop helps each actor shed their fears and get comfortable as the casting room process is revealed. The basic fear is not knowing what to expect in an audition, and that can make it difficult to focus. Come see it from the Casting Directors perspective.
This workshop gives the actor useful, dynamic tools to work with, then provides one on one direction- all in a fun atmosphere that allows them to relax and learn.
The class is taught by improv performer and actor Barry McAlister. He has long been an on-camera actor and entertainer in the region. He is currently with the acclaimed troupe Improv Nashville, and has trained at the Second City in Chicago in improv and sketch comedy. He was also a Wolf Trap Teaching Artist in Metro Nashville Schools. Roles he’s created include “the dead guy” in country artist Joe Diffie’s “Prop Me Up Beside the Juke Box”, and the ice skating $100 bill for First Tennessean and the Predators. He also had the regions longest running children’s stage show “Juniper Junction”.
Casting Director, Regina Moore has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. Regina, first an actress, works currently as a casting director in the areas of Film, Television, Commercials, print, music videos and live performance. As an instructor, she relates to actors through casting and teaching. She is known for her ability to recognize potential and encouraging the growing actor with her straight forward, no nonsense approach. Her workshops deal with the audition process and she relates to the actor regardless of wither they are a beginner or a pro. She is accomplished in the field of casting, developing projects for production companies, and network television as a consultant in relationship to T.V. Hosts, actors, live performers, and audience related programming.
Hello, Regina!
The “improv” side of the class is the hook that got me interested in attending. The teaching presents a great beginning in an area I have heard about and seen but never actually tried out. It reminds me of stuff we did in college which I have, unfortunately, lost touch with. Taking your class tells me I must pursue that avenue further.
The “meet the casting director” side of the class is a very helpful bonus because it allows me to see behind the casting camera, presenting insights into how you do what you do, some whys, and some of how these things reflect what your clients are looking for. De-mystifying that experience promises me more peace of mind next time.
I was delighted with it all. Thanks for your efforts on my behalf.
This is a workshop you must attend if you’re ready to move to the next level.
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