“Sanford Meisner’s approach has always been for me the simplest, most direct, least pretentious and most effective of all the acting techniques.” – Sydney Pollock, Actor/Director, Eleven Time Oscar Winner.
Kelly Schumann –The Mentalist (CBS) and Soul Man (TVLand)
Anna Enger – Feature – The Internship – Supporting Role
Brad Sanders –Reed Between The Lines (BET)
Alex Van – Feature Film –  Remnants and The Walking Dead (AMC)
W. Cameron Tucker Feature Film – Ten Habits of Highly Effective People
W. Cameron Tucker – SAG Short – Finale
Norma Alvarez – SAG Short – Finale
Jennifer Baskette-Ridings – SAG Short –Finale
Katie Graham – Feature – No Soliciting
Adam Harris – Tom Ford Directed Feature
Melanie Richardson – Feature – Addition by Substraction
Candace Mabry – Play – Touched (Out of Box Theater)
Congratulations to Lake Roberts for his very successful run in
Bat-Hamlet with Essential Theatre!
In this free sample class, you will have an opportunity to meet Robert Mello, get an overview of the Meisner Program at the studio, pick up casting tips AND get on your feet and work! 
Date: Tuesday, August 28th
Time: 7-10PM
To reserve your spot, email rob@therobertmellostudio.com



In this eight week class, you’ll get out of your head, learn how to make strong, exciting choices and gain an unshakeable foundation and confidence in your acting as you dramatically expand your emotional range and learn how to listen and respond truthfully in the moment. 


Start Date: Wednesday, September 12
Time: 7-10PM
TUITION: $295 (PLEASE NOTE: This is an 8 week class.)
Instructor: Robert Mello 
Jeremy O’Keefe Now Teaching on Tuesday Nights!


“Jeremy O’Keefe understands actors in a way that few do.  Working with him is a special experience.  His commitment to the craft is infectious…combine that with his talent and knowledge and it makes everyone around him want to do better.” – Denise Grayson, THE SOCIAL NETWORK

In this eight week class, we will explore and practice some simple, but often overlooked, concepts and techniques that can assist the actor in crafting a compelling audition, including:

  • Deciphering the clues in the script and breakdown
  • Learn how to think and work quickly to make strong, but truthful, choices that will help you stand out.
  • Understanding the vital difference between television and film auditions.
  • How to use your best asset: yourself

In this class we will cover under five and ten auditions, longer scenes, TV and film – both the cold reading and the more prepared audition.


START DATE: Tuesday, September 4
TIME: 7-10 PM
TUITION: $295 (PLEASE NOTE: This is an 8 week class)
INSTRUCTOR: Jeremy O’Keefe

To enroll, email Jeremy@jeremyokeefe.com


This four week class is a great way for beginning actors to start to explore the basics of acting and acting for the camera in a low pressure, supportive environment, and is especially suited for actors who may not be prepared to commit to the Meisner Program offered at the studio. In this class you will:

  • Learn the basics of on-camera acting, as well as the audition process for on-camera
  • Gain insights into the nuts and bolts of the acting profession in Atlanta
  • Begin to explore the basics of Meisner Technique, the acting technique that such greats as Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise, Tina Fey, James Franco and many other working actors rely on.
  • Have the opportunity to work on camera in every class.

Unlike other studios in Atlanta, this Class is strictly limited to 10 students and you will work extensively in each class.

START DATE: Saturday, September 8
TIME: 12-3PM
INSTRUCTOR: Robert Mello 

TUITION: $99.00  

 On-Going Classes:




“Jeremy O’Keefe is one of the brightest, most artistic, and creative people I have ever met in my life. I’ve been lucky enough to be directed by him in films, as well as privately for auditions, and his nurturing yet constructive way of teaching has been so helpful to me. I value his opinion and insight tremendously!” 

– Three time Emmy Nominee, Melissa  Claire Egan


In this class you will:

  • Work with a working film maker, who will bring not only the perspective of a respected acting coach to your work, but a director who has worked with some top names in the industry.
  • Explore an important set of tools that will help you create memorable performances and auditions.
  • Work with challenging material that will further your growth as an actor.
START DATE: Thursdays, On-Going
TIME:12pm – 3pm
$120 for package of 4 weeks
$220 for package of 8 weeks
INSTRUCTOR: Jeremy O’Keefe
To enroll: Email Jeremy at jeremy@jeremyokeefe.com





“I now have a lot more confidence that I can show up on set & handle what may be thrown at me without freaking out in my head.”

-Jennifer Baskette-Ridings


“I have been taking acting classes in ATL for 2 years now and have not came across anything like Jeremy O’Keefe’s Hitting the Mark class. You are put through the paces just like you would be on a set- and its mind blowing. This class covers everything you are expected to know and do once you book and are on set. It has seriously opened my eyes and I have learned so much  in just 6 weeks with him.” 

-Amber Erwin


You don’t get to just show up on set and act.


Few actors realize just how challenging and complicated a professional TV or Film shoot can be. From having to hit several marks and engage the dialogue – all while tilting your head just so and eating a hot dog – everything can be seemingly stacked against the actor to stay present in the scene and deliver an honest and compelling performance. 


This class is designed to give the actor the tools, skill set and confidence to be able to execute at the top of their game. Whether you are a newly emerging actor or a seasoned pro – this class is for you and is the only one of it’s kind in Atlanta.

In this class you will:

  • Learn how to stay out of your head and in the scene – no matter the blocking challenges you will face.  
  • Gain confidence in your ability to be the kind of actor directors want to rehire.  
  • Learn how to maintain the vitally important continuity take after take after take.  
  • Practice, practice, practice

…all while receiving acting coaching from a working director and respected acting coach.


DATE: Wednesday, August 8 – December 12th.
$120 for package of 4 weeks
$220 for package of 8 weeks

To enroll for either of these classes – email Jeremy at Jeremy@jeremyokeefe.com

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About Robert Mello
Robert Mello has taught this unique and highly effective Meisner-based acting technique for over a decade, and has coached or trained recipients of both the Tony award and the Emmy. His students work regularly in film and television, off-Broadway and Broadway. He is the former VP of Development for Hazy Mills Productions (having helped developed their hit show, HOT IN CLEVELAND) and has produced or developed pilots and scripts for FOX, FX, The CW, Showtime and CBS. A former actor himself,  his experience both in front of, and behind the camera in both producing and casting,  brings a unique perspective to his classes that few other teachers can offer.


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