Open Call Auditions Alliance Theatre, Pre-Broadway Production of TWIST


Open Call Auditions

Alliance Theatre, Pre-Broadway Production of TWIST         

Directed By Debbie Allen

Book By Bill Brown

Music By Tena Clark & Gary Prim

Lyrics By Tena Clark

Casting: Peter Wise & Associates

               Jody Feldman, Alliance Theatre

Rehearsals begin: July 26, 2010 
Previews: Sept. 1, 2010 
Opens: Sept. 15, 2010 

Close: Oct 4, 2010

Location: Alliance Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia 


Atlanta Audition Schedule 

Thursday, April 29, 2010 – ADULT OPEN VOCAL CALL

9:00 AM Sign In

10:00 AM Auditions begin (In order of sign ups)

Friday, April 30, 2010 – ADULT OPEN DANCE CALL

2:00 PM Sign In

Saturday, May 1, 2010 – CHILDREN OPEN VOCAL CALL

9:00 AM Sign In

10:00 AM Auditions begin (In order of sign ups)

To sign in, please report to 3rd Floor of the Woodruff Arts Center

1280 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA  30309.  Follow signs to registration table.

Bring updated picture/resume (stapled together).

For singing auditions, please bring 16-bars of your best pop, rock or gospel song. Please bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided.

For dance auditions come dressed, warmed up, and ready to dance.

For answers to any questions, please call 404-733-4622 and leave them at the appropriate extension.  Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

STORYLINE: A young orphan of mixed race, growing up in the Prohibition years, is victimized and derided. But eventually, through his own perseverance and the help of some very plucky, courageous and selfless folks, Twist is given the chance to follow his dreams…and “reach for the sky.”…

We are casting the following roles:

[TWIST] 9-13 years old small African American Male, the child of a white mother and black father, he is a plucky but innocent child, given the name “Twist” by a teen girl who helped birth the baby as a storm raged outside. Raised in an orphanage, Twist, because of his mixed heritage is always the outsider, often met with much derision, and the butt of many jokes by the older boys. However, it seems he has a natural talent for dancing, a gift he inherited from his late daddy. Despite a series of unfortunate events, Twist remains hopeful, tenacious and endearing…LEAD Must be a Strong Singer, Dancer especially (Tap) & Actor, Triple Threat! (R&B, Pop).

[BOSTON] African American Male 30-45 years old, a song and dance man working in New Orleans, Boston is devastated by the sudden loss of his performing partner, Roosevelt, who is gunned down leaving the theatre. Insecure about his talents to begin with, he opens a speakeasy during Prohibition, using young boys to sell liquor for him, always looking for an easy way to make a buck. A crafty scoundrel who seems to have lost his moral moorings, Boston is given a much-needed kick in the behind by his girlfriend, Della, who teaches him a thing or two about the importance of love and loyalty…LEAD Must be a Strong Singer, Dancer especially (Tap) & Actor, Triple Threat! (Soulful Broadway Sound, Blues).

[DELLA] African American Female 25-35 years old, first seen at 16 and later in her early 20s, she is a survivor, a courageous, unstoppable young woman, greedy with dreams of her own to fulfill. Raised in an orphanage, she flees soon after helping a young white woman give birth to a baby boy whom Della names Twist. She’s unwilling to take on the task of raising the child, despite pleas from the dying mother. Years later, quite the diva, she is a singer and big draw at Boston’s speakeasy, also Boston’s girlfriend. Plagued with guilt after meeting Twist, now 9 years old, she vows to do right by the boy…LEAD Must be a Strong Singer & Actress, Dancing always a plus! (R & B, Pop, Big Voice)

[MR. PRUDHOMME] Caucasian Male 50-65 years old, a kindly, self-possessed man, with a big heart, he is a lawyer who often helps those with little means. He’s outraged, but always gentlemanly, when a judge finds young Twist guilty of selling liquor (even though the boy claims he thought he was selling medicine). Prudhomme asks the court to have the child remanded to his custody. He is eager to provide Twist with a home and an education…LEAD Must be a Strong Singer & Actor! (Jazzy)

[ROOSEVELT KING] African American Male 25-35 years old, a popular song and dance man in New Orleans, he is a warm, effusive, talented fellow, Boston’s partner on stage. The father of little Twist, he’s setting off to marry the unborn baby’s mother when he is gunned down by a Klansman and dies…Must be a Strong Singer, Dancer especially (Tap) & Actor, Triple Threat! (R & B, Balladeer, Broadway Legit)

[ANGELA THATCHER] Caucasian Female 25-30 years old, this young pregnant woman makes her way to an orphanage where she gives birth to little Twist, but dies in the process. Though very much in love with Twist’s father, Roosevelt, she is terrified of raising a child of mixed race, and begs young Della to take the child in. Later, Angela also appears, to sing about the transcendence of love….Must be a Strong Singer with a Rock Star Voice & Actress! (Pop, R & B, Gospel)

[LUCIUS THATCHER] Caucasian Male 30-45 years old, he is Angela’s ne’er do well brother, a con man who burned through his inheritance and now wants to tap into that of his dead sister. He is told by Prudhomme that all monies have been left to Angela’s son, and only if the child should die, would Lucius be able to collect the inheritance. An unscrupulous fellow, he makes plans to get his hands on the kid…LEAD Must be a Powerful Singer & Actor. (Rock & Roll, Legit)

[CRAZAH CHESTERFIELD] All Ethnicity Male 40-50 years old, the undertaker at the Rising Sun Funeral Home in New Orleans, he is a shady opportunist, delighted when he hears of disasters, more than happy to exploit the bereaved. He’s known for putting on quite a show and buys young Twist from Boston to dance at funerals…LEAD Must be a Strong Singer & Actor who moves well. (Gospel, R&B, Legit)

[MISS COTTON] Caucasian Female 35-50 years old, the proprietor of the Parrish House Orphanage in Baton Rouge, she is a grumpy curmudgeon who derides Twist for his mixed ethnicity. The only thing she seems to enjoy is a glass of gin…Must be a Strong Singer with a Gospel, Rock Quality Voice & Actress who moves well. (Legit, Opera, Gospel, Blues)

[POTLATCH] All Ethnicities Male 50-65 years, he is co-owner of the orphanage, a cantankerous, humorless man. Must be a Strong Singer & Actor! 
(Legit, Opera)

[PISTOL] All Ethnicities Male 10-14 years old, he is one of the older boys living at the Jewel Box Theatre, delivering bottles of bootlegged liquor for Boston. He calls the setup the “best deal in town.” A bit of a scamp who knows how to get on Della’s good side, he takes Twist back to meet the other kids…Must be a Strong Singer, (Tap) Dancer & Actor. (Pop, R&B)

[YANCY] All Ethnicities 13-15 years old, he is the biggest of the boys at the orphanage, a bully who tricks Twist into asking the proprietor for his “birthday meat.”…Must be a Strong Singer, Dancer and can Act! (Gymnastics are a plus) (Pop, R&B)

[KIDS] Ensemble- All Ethnicity 9-15 years old Male or Female who can play boys. These are the homeless kids who live in the basement of Boston’s speakeasy, delivering bootlegged liquor during prohibition etc. They’re a rough-housing, rowdy crew, but do listen to Boston… Also play the boys at the orphanage, rowdy, cliquish kids who make Twist feel like an outcast because of his mixed race… Must be Strong Singers, (Tap) Dancers and can Act! (Gymnastics are a plus) (Pop, R&B, Jazz)

[ADULT] Ensemble – All Ethnicity 20-55 years old Male or Female who can Sing, Dance & Act. Must be Strong Singers who can Dance, very well: Type of vocal style we are looking for (Gospel, Pop, R&B, Legit & Rock n Roll).