CASTING CALL The Art Institute of Atlanta – this is a good opportunity for indie work

The Art Institute of Atlanta

Our students are producing short films and commercials this quarter and we’ll be delighted if you, or actors you know, will consider appearing in these films. Thank you to everyone who’s auditioned with us in the past! The students can’t make their films without you!
Character descriptions and production synopsis are located at the end of this email! They are also attached as a .pdf.
When: Monday, April 26, 2010
Time: 6:30pm – 10:00pm
Where: The Art Institute of Atlanta – Room 460A on the 4th Floor
Please plan to come to the Auditions, even if you don’t see specific parts for you! Many teams are doing 2 projects and haven’t finalized their 2nd scripts yet. Plus students often realize that the best person for a part may be quite different from their initial character description.
Please email Chelci’ Arnold at
— Use “Spring 2010 Auditions” as Subject of email
In the body of the email…
— Include your first and second choices for times. We schedule actors in 30-minute blocks.
— Please provide the following (VERY IMPORTANT):
–Your Height & Age Range
–If you do Voice-Overs
–If you are a member of SAG and/or AFTRA (make sure to indicate which)
— Please DO NOT attach your head shot and resume to the email. You will bring them to the Audition!

Your audition time will include a SPECIFIC time. Audition times are first come, first serve.
If you have a last minute change of plans, please email

Parking: Parking is free at The Art Institute, but if you arrive before 8pm, you need a parking pass from the receptionist in the first floor gallery. Please get your pass and put it on your car before you come upstairs. If you arrive after 8pm, check to see if the receptionist is still in gallery – if not, then you don’t need a pass.

The Art Institute of Atlanta
6600 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Building 100
Atlanta, GA 30328

Chelci’ A. 🙂
AIA Auditions Coordinator

**~~~~~~~~~~~***Character Descriptions***~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**
Justin Neal and Jamie Sapp
Plot synopsis:
Two men, Jacob and Elliot, who were hired to acquire an item for a rich, fastidious man named Mr. Vansant, arrive at his Lake House to deliver a package. He was anticipating a phone call to arrange a public “drop-off,” but they have other intentions. They arrive unannounced, in order to double-cross Mr. Vansant. Once Mr. Vansant shows “the money” Jacob reveals a pistol and Elliot reveals a knife. Demanding the money, Jacob also turns on Elliot, his partner. Backing up with the bag full of money, Jacob walks into the barrel of Mr. Vansant’s niece’s pistol. They go nowhere.

Character Descriptions (note – gender for all characters can be changed as needed)

Mr. Vansant (Age range: 25+) – Older and very fastidious, Mr. Vansant has hired two men to steal and bring him an “unknown” item that he desires. Mr. Vansant is a man that thrives on rules and the way “business should be done.” He is independently wealthy, extremely intelligent, and not expecting his recent employees to arrive at his lake house home.
Jacob (Age range: 18+ ) – Not a novice at criminal endeavors, Jacob was hired because of his past accomplishments. Sometimes, though, he lets the small things slide in favor of the bigger picture – like not checking the “clean” pistol Mr. Vansant gave them to use.
Elliot (Age range: 18+) – Newer to the criminal game, Elliot is here because of Jacob. He needed the job, and the money, and does what he’s told because of the money he wants to earn.
The Niece – Can be almost anyone. Of any age, or gender.

George Carlos
“Plant Rutherford”
Plot Synopsis:
Plant Rutherford is a short narrative that focuses on the reality of coal plants. There is no such thing as clean coal. Darby, a politician, makes a shady business deal to build a coal planet in a small town, while educating children on why coal plants should not be built.
Character Descriptions:
Mrs. Baxter (Female | Age range: 30’s – 50’s) – Elementary school teacher. Overly friendly and supportive, she cares deeply for
her students and finds great enjoyment in teaching.

Janie Malone (Female | Age range: 7-10) – Elementary school student and daughter of Darby Malone, County Commissioner.
Janie is a conscientious student, and looks up to her father greatly.

Timothy (Male | Age range: 7-10) – Elementary school student. Timothy is straightforward and direct, never hesitating to speak
his mind or ask questions.

Kate (Female | Age range: 7-10) – Elementary school student. A bit on the shy side, Kate is often quiet and somewhat naïve.

Additional Students (Age range: 7-10) – Elementary school students. These students are the rest of the students in Mrs. Baxter’s
class. They are generally well behaved and attentive.

Andrea Holman
“Samaritian House PSA”
Plot Synopsis:
A young Billy tries to aid his community by inviting a homeless man (Frank) to breakfast. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get
permission from his high-class mother to do so, causing her to go into a panic when she sees the man sitting beside her young
son at the table. Through the story Billy convinces his mother that helping the community is important and that they should have
a hand in it.

Character Descriptions:
Mom (Female | Age range: 35-45) – Height: 5’0 – 5’5″
Body Type: slender, in shape. Mom is the average stay at home mother who is always in control of everything. She want Billy to learn as much as he can; therefore, she schedules tutoring and music lessons outside of school for Billy. She likes to think of herself and her family as being above the rest, so she has a sort of snooty attitude. She is the type of woman that will give to homeless shelters and places like that but won’t give to a homeless person on the street.
Billy (Male | Age range: 8-11) – Billy is a very innocent boy who does as he is told. He is very clean cut, bold, and smart. Unlike his mother Billy notices how many homeless people are on the streets. He feels like some kind of action towards helping people should be done and he wants to be the one to do it.
Frank (Male | Age range: 45-55) – Height: 5’7″ – 6’2″
Body Type: Slender. Frank wears cut up clothes (rags). His face and hands are dirty, he has a full beard and his voice is raspy. Frank scarfs down the food that Billy gives him.

“The Giver and The Borrower”
Plot Sypnosis:
In times of struggle the community knows who to call but when one woman needs help who will return the favor?
Marica Coleman was considered a saint. Always their to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and comfort the needy. But in her time of need who would be there to carry her? Her life long boyfriend, the brother, her children, or the community?

Character Descriptions:

Marica Coleman (Female | Age range: 30+ ) – Full figured build. Her eyes have a soothing look with stress lines above her brow. Her hair is stylish to reflect the care she gives herself. Her background is that in nursing and the church. Her hands are withered seeming that they don’t belong her body. And she has a pitch perfect smile that shines light on the darkest of days. She has a husband, three children and two brothers and a community of family.

Marcos Coleman (Male | Age range: 30+ ) – A city worker with the city for twenty years. He’s a bitter, alcoholic. He dreads his life. He lives in anger and sorrow. He’s clean, shaven and quite handsome. He works hard but doesn’t want more. He’s dependent and unstable. He’s egotistical and selfish. He’s has a evil side that has yet to be seen and it lingers in the belly of that beast.
Augustine Coleman (Female | Age range: 23-26) – The daughter of Marcos and Rarisa Coleman. She’s ambitious and outgoing, but she lives with in fear and regret. She desires to leave home and start her life but she doesn’t want to leave her mother. She hates her father. She doesn’t trust men. She’s reserve and sporty. She’s a mama’s girl in search of when will her life began.
Papy Coleman (Male | Age range: 14-18) – The youngest son is a fun loving boy. He dreams to be a professional sports player. He’s intelligent but scary. He loves to imagine what his life will be. He’s so full of great hopes and dreams.

Ajaya & Andrea
“Depth of Drew”
Plot Synopsis:
This is the mind of Andrea Devonshire, a quiet, withdrawn, confused 16 year-old girl, who seems to live in our world, alone. Within her small Vermont town, Andrea could be considered…peculiar. Known throughout, for her random catatonic spells, it’s not unusually for Thomas Blakely, North Hero’s mailman, to drive past Andrea staring at dead road kill under an intense trance. Andrea’s silence is a veneer to what is happening to her, inside.
Logline: The power of the minds eye is examined in this “Sybil”-like remake; blended with the suspense and mystery of such movies as “Primal Fear”, “ Raising Cain”, and “North by Northwest”.

Character Descriptions:

Mrs. Felicia Greene (Female | Age range: 30’s) – African-American. 5ft-5’5ft ht with a slight darker-than-caramel complexion, almost mahogany. Silk head wraps keep her natural hair/ coil/ dreads together and back out of her face. Her jewelry and apparel scream representations of her African ancestry. Her compassion for children comes from a place of her own lacking, of children of her own. Felicia Greene is married although she struggles through a tumultuous relationship with her Husband. Mrs. Greene is fit and attractive, with a shard of gray tainting her pitch-black hair.
Dr. Walter D’Anastasia, (Male | Age range: Late 40’s early 50’s) – Caucasian. Dr. D’Anastasia however does not look his age; he in fact appears younger than his fore mentioned age. Dr. Walter seeks fame and recognition for a lifetime of psychology work and research done. He’s a healthy man with an unhealthy, borderline perverted, affection toward younger women. 5’6-6ft even, Dr. Walter is an average males height as he is also fit. He works out in an attempt to attract the younger female population. Dr. Walter is color blind, so every once in a while he’ll wear some clothing that does not compliment well.
Samantha Devonshire (Female | Age range: 36 yrs-old). Caucasian. mother of Andrew. Samantha is petite in stature, 5ft-5’3ft in height 130-140lbs. However her love for her son is immense. Samantha is somewhat ignorant to the mind of her son, Andrew. Her strawberry-blonde hair is constantly pulled back and up in an attempt to keep her face clear of it. Samantha is a hip and liberal mother, constantly making an effort to bond with Andrew, even if it’s sometimes in an inappropriate way.
Bryce McCall (Male | Age range: 16) – African-American. 170-200lbs, tall 6ft or taller. Bryce is a typical teenage male, athletic, hormone-driven and eager to humiliate the weak. His Braised head is usually covered in a backwards Yankees cap with a T-shirt and Basketball shorts on. Bryce’s sense of entitlement comes from being the son of one of the towns’ powerful and influential figures.
Andrew “Drew” Devonshire (Male | Age range: 17) – Caucasian. Drew is anywhere from 5’6-5’10 in height and 145-165lbs, so he has a slender build. Drew is a quiet soul who seems to live in our world alone. Fond of words, the graffiti notebooks he keeps with him are the only real insights into Drew’s thoughts; however, they are covertly private, to the outside world. Andrew wears are usually baggy and draping off of his slender frame.
Harper (Andrew’s alter) (Male | Age range: 17-19 ) – Violent, abrasive, in-compassionate and Drew’s protector
Drue (Drew’s alter ) (Male | Age range: 17-19 ) – Witty, comical, direct and stylish, womanizer
Lance ( Drew’s Alter ) (Male | Age range: 17-19 ) – work driven, country accent, out-doorsy, emotional, romantic

Toni Allen
“Speed Date-less”
Plot Synopsis:
This is a knee slapping comedy about two young women who are best friends with extremely different personalities. On their quest for love at a Speed Date event, they may just end up “Date-less.”
Character Descriptions:
Crystal Williams (Female | Age range: 20-25) – Crystal Williams is a young, conservative college student, from a small town in Missouri. She thinks going to the Speed date event would be perfect for meeting nice guys.
Shontonya Staley (Female | Age range: 20-25 ) – Shontonya is far from conservative. She has the ability to stand out in a crowd
from the way she talks, walks, and her overall appearance. She is very opinionated, outspoken, and highly sexual. Some would
say she has no filter with what comes out of her mouth.