Night Blooms @ Horizon Theatre

Last Two Week for this world premiere at Horizon Theatre.
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Wednesday, 29 September 2010
By Manning Harris
“Night Blooms,” the new play having its world premiere at Horizon Theatre, is going to win the Pulitzer Prize
for Drama.
Granddaddy Stafford (Tom Thon), who’s on oxygen but still manages to smoke and drink and cuss with
hilarious vigor.
I can’t say enough good things about this cast. Ms. Clements, Ms. Cochran, and Mr. Thon, for example, are
giving the performances of their careers, ….
September 25, 2010
Horizon Theatre
through October 24, 2010
Margaret Baldwin has woven an incredible fabric out of the history of the March on Montgomery in 1965 led
by Martin Luther King, Jr., and a family living in Selma and how they dealt with the movement. What is truly
unique about the play is how she has managed to deal with the matter in a way that provides more laughter and
compassion than anger and sadness.
… the grumpy old geezer, Granddaddy Buzz, (is) played to perfection by Tom Thon.
‘Night Blooms’ provides intimate view of civil rights era
By Wendell Brock
For the AJC
September 27, 2010
In a fall theater season with an unusual outpouring of Southern stories, this Horizon Theatre world premiere
directed by Karen Robinson shines like a hidden gem. Marrying a delicious sense of comedy with a Chekhovian
affection for her subjects, (Margaret) Baldwin shows a careful understanding of the quotidian details of
Southern life, circa the 1960s, and the complicated relationships born from the genteel racism, and escalating
violence, of a segregated society.
Tom Thon is terrific as Lucille’s dying husband, who carries a flask, cusses with talent and sneaks smokes
even though he’s tied to an oxygen tank.