Music Licensing Agency Opens in SC


Based out of Seattle with offices in New York, New Orleans, and Los Angeles Audiosocket announced a new office in Charleston.


Audiosocket supplies the music to production companies and ad agencies for placement in TV, movies, video games, commercials, and promos. Most recent placements include the TV show “LOST” along with other clients Lifetime Networks, Greenpeace, Apple, SONY, Microsoft, ESPN, HBO, NBC, and Unity Snowboards. 


Audiosocket actively seeks out independent bands that are gaining traction in their respective markets.


Specializing in finding what’s next, what’s hip, and what’s good. All of the music represented has been pre-cleared by the artist, making it possible to pull tracks and sign contracts usually the same day. In a nutshell, Audiosocket fills the niche between high-priced famous content and boring stock music and does it quickly.


Providing free searches, Audiosocket’s entire library of songs is available through their online jukebox.


Representing all different genres of music: country, soul, bluegrass, rock, pop, hip-hop, rap, classical, jazz, metal. Name it, Audiosocket has it. Everything from dramatic instrumental compositions for the opening sequence of a big action film to a really cool indie rock song by Dynah.


Several of the bands Audiosocket represents were showcased at SXSW in Austin this past month. Check it out: