Nickelodeon is looking for kids with unique talents

Nickelodeon is looking for kids with unique talents for their game show, “Figure it Out!” More information is provided below.


Do you know a kid who can tickle the ivories with their toes?  Who likes to
dance with their dog, or make sculptures from spaghetti? Do you know of a
kid that has trained his or her rooster to cluck the ABC’s?  What about a
child that has been recognized as a first place winner or champion at a
regional, national state fair or other competition? We are looking for
special or unusual

“Figure It Out,” a game show on Nickelodeon, is looking for boys and girls
between the ages of 10 – 15 years with UNUSUAL, AWESOME, FUNNY, COOL, and
UNIQUE talents or skills to be featured as contestants!

We were hoping that you might know some kids who can work with a parent or
guardian to videotape all of their AWESOME, FUNNY, COOL, or UNIQUE talents
and skills.

Go to to register your name and talent and you
may be contacted to become a contestant on the show.