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James Brandon in “Masters of Illusion” -Sellout crowds on Mid-West tour 


We rolled into each city with a semi truck, 2 playful tigers and a sleeper bus filled with show folks. The real magic is how, in just a matter of hours, producer Gay Blackstone managed to mount a full evening show of Grand Illusions. With 25 cast, tech and crew members everyone literally rolled out of bed and loaded right in to each new theater. The cast was energetic and fun, the audiences were enthusiastic and the catering was great! Wifi on the bus, nice touch.
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3rd appearance on France’s “Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde”

Patrick Sebastien is the host of one of the longest running variete shows in history and for some reason likes me enough to have me back every so often. Although I have 3 hours worth of material to choose from they really seem to be partial to the Bird And Sword act that I performed at Le Alcazar de Paris, where I got my start. No complaints though, all was first class as usual.
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Holiday Event? Funny Bizniz Improv has been adapted!

Looking  for  an  entertainment  experience  that’s  fun,  interactive  and  thrilling?

You  found  it!  Ladies  and  gentlemen,  today’s  performers  are……………YOU!

Funny Bizniz Improv shows and workshops are a combination of noncompetitive team participation, comedy improvisation,  and more than a dash of  pre-planned mischief. The event has now been adapted for use as a holiday show.
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Corporate Murder Mysteries -a unique Team Building experience!

Corporate Murder Mysteries, groups teams into Suspects, Investigators, Sketch Artists, and Witnesses. All participants are then fully involved in solving the crime. The “Sin City Magic and Murder” event even comes with a free magic show as part of the story. Corporate Murder Mystery Team Building is a fun and creative way to spark enthusiasm, boost morale and teach coworkers to communicate with each other more effectively.

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IcyHot Commercial finds new life in Canadian Campaign

Yes, just when you thought it was safe to watch your TV again…… well, I guess it is, unless you live in Canada! I knew I was fortunate when this commercial had a two year national run in the United States but I could never imagine that the people up North, in the land of my father, might also need relief from minor aches and pains. “And the scent vanishes” (no camera tricks BTW).
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