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Due to the large number of people coming out to audition, we had to change the location to a bigger venue.  you must call or email to confirm an appt time:  call 404 – 275 8737 only serious inquiries please. 

THE NEW audition location for MISSING

750 Glenwood Ave.

Atlanta, GA 30316–conveniently located between Grant Park & East Atlanta Village on Glenwood Avenue.




This is for an Indie, we DO NOT know the production company but posting in case any of you is interested.  Have no reason to believe it wouldn’t be a great opportunity for the right person but just understand this is not a recommendation – simply a posting. 


NO PAY, but actors will receive scene credit, meals, and have a great time filming.




Synopsis:  Missing is a dramatic film that takes the viewers into the complex world of selling Children into Slavery. This movie focuses on the life of a prominent psychologist named Sarah McPherson.  Sarah’s daughter Madison gets kidnapped by Max, the mobster. Madison’s step father Tom made a deal with Max to secretly kidnap Madison in order to drive Sarah over the edge so that he and his secret girlfriend Janice can gain control over Sarah’s fortune. However, Tom did not fully understand what it meant to do business with the devil – Max, the mobster.  In this movie, MONEY is definitely the root to all evil.


Audition Location:  Decatur Library – Downtown / 215 Sycamore Street – Decatur, GA


Date: March 15, 2009, SUNDAY


Time: 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm


Please befriend us to get future announcements:


Directed and Written by: Mangelo Productions /


Executive Producer: D. Nehemiah Concepts /


NOTE: Please bring your headshots, resumes and/or videos resumes. 

Without them, you will not be able to audition.


Character Breakdown:


Tom:  White male, Age: 35 to 40 looking,  Height: 6’0 – 6’3, cunning, handsome, underhanded and willing to do anything to make a quick buck. very dishonest.


Sarah: White female, Age: 35 to 40 looking,  Height: 5’5 to 5’9,

She is very trusting and career driven. She is quite beautiful and loves her daughter more than anything. Must be able to show all types of emotions throughout the movie.


Janice: White/Latin/Asian/Mixed female, Age: 25 to 35 looking,  Height: 5’5 – 5’9 height,  She is very sexy and drop dead gorgeous. She is the kind of woman that women love to hate, but she is very smart at the same time.


Max: Black male, Age: 35 to 40 looking,  Height: 6’5 – 6’6, He is a thug type – a real gangsta. He is a big muscular type who smokes, drinks, sells drugs and is into selling

children into Child Slavery overseas. He is very cunning, underhanded and willing to do anything to make a quick buck. He is very dishonest.  Must be willing to work with children and understand the INDUSTRY’s Child Labor Laws.


Madison:  Ethnicity: White female, Age: 9 to 12 looking,  Height: 5’4 to 5’6, Character profile:  (PARENTAL ADVISORY) This character must be able to show a wide range of emotion – crying, screaming, and be able to be pulled on, snatched on, and drug around on the floor. This character will have to fight off the kidnappers.  Note: MANGELO PRODUCTIONS will be respectful of the INDUSTRY CHILD LABOR LAWS.


Emma:  Black female, Age: 45 to 50 looking,  Height: 5’3 to 5’8, very loving, loyal, and caring. She will do anything for her friends.  She is like a mother to Sarah. She must be

able to be humorous and serious in this role.  Emma is a heroine.


Detective Flanagan:  Open to all, Age: 45 to 50 looking,  Height: 6’0 – 6’3, very smart. Must be able to brandish a gun and make it look real.


Minor: Small speaking parts

Sarah’s parent (Mr. and Mrs. Stevens) –White,  Age – 60’s, Very loving

(Moderate speaking lines)


Jacob: Ethnicity: Any,  Height: medium – Speaking lines and action


Joggers:  Ethnicity: Any.  Must be in good shape. Able to show

mid-drift (Stomach)


Buyer Mr. Chin and his crew:   Asian – Age: 25 t0 50 looking. Has no respect for children  ( We need about 5 Asian people for this scene. Must know how to hold a gun and make it look convincing.)


Diane: Ethnicity: Any,  Height: Any,  Psycho patient, can’t get over her ex-husband – Speaking lines


Dr. Robinson: Ethnicity: Any – Speaking lines


Nurse: Ethnicity:20Any, – Speaking lines


Mental Patients:  Need several people to play mental patients. (Comedians are welcomed) – Speaking lines


Extras:  We need a lot of extras for the mental institution scenes, the park

scenes, the kidnapping scenes, and exterior scenes.