We are assisting in a casting for body doubles in an upcoming K-Swiss commercial.  Please see below for details.  If you match the specs below (height, weight, and measurements) please send a photo to chase@houghtontalent.com ASAP.


We are currently looking for the following roles for the K-Swiss international commercial and content film.

Body Doubles/Stand-ins

1. Photo double needed for a Danny Mcbride, 6 feet even, 215-220 pounds and sizes are 36W/32L 12 shoe size

2. Photo double needed for Jon Bon Jones he is 6ft 4in, 205 pounds very, very muscular and a 36 pant, 14 shoe size (please submit a photo without shirt)

3. Photo double needed for Vernon Davis he is 6ft 3 in, 253 pounds very, very muscular (please submit a photo without shirt)

4.Photo double needed for Patrick Willis, 6ft 1in, 240 pounds, very, very muscular. (please submit a photo without shirt)

5. Photo double needed for Matt Cassel he is 6ft 4in 230 pounds.

The K-Swiss commercial and content film will be shooting between May 31st-June 3rd. The rates vary between the international spot vs. the content film.

Please submit choices with accurate measurements and weight.