America’s Got Talent

Americas Got Talent on NBC is currently casting for Season 4 and are coming to ATLANTA February 7th-8th!! I would love for you to reach out to any of your acts/clients that would be interested in submitting themselves for the show. My job is to book “professional” acts for each city, which means a potential for an actual audition time to go directly in front of our executive producers. No Open Call Lines.

For Season 4 the bar is set extremely high and we are looking for the absolute best of the best! This is a chance for incredible publicity! Last season America’s Got Talent reached over 12 million viewers an episode! Even appearing on the show once can draw a crazy amount of attention! Season 2 winner Terry Fator is now the highest paid reality star in the world, signing a $100 million dollar deal for a show in Las Vegas !!!

I would love to have all acts that you think would be great for the show send me their information. The process moves quite quickly and there are only a limited number of private audition spots open, I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on this AMAZING opportunity I have attached my electronic flyer and all the necessary paperwork if you want to email blast your performers or pass on my info to anyone! Thanks so much!


Please email me at ASAP with the following information. I prefer all info to be emailed and mailed to me no later than January 30th, 2009. Though if you cannot make the deadline, let me know and we can try to work around it. The process moves quite quickly and there are only a limited number of private audition spots open, I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on this AMAZING opportunity!!! Please email me the following information as soon as you can and then get working on mailing me a DVD and the paperwork as soon as it is done. I have attached all paperwork and ALL members of groups must fill out the paperwork individually.

DATE OF BIRTH: (everyone in group, can put this on your paperwork)
STORY INFO: How did you begin performing and why? What makes your act unique? What is your occupation outside of your talent? What sort of hobbies do you have? Because our final audition rounds include America’s votes, personal stories are almost as big of a part of this show as showcasing your talent. We are looking for inspiring, happy, sad, funny, embarrassing stories…anything that will have the Judges and the American viewing audience rooting for you!


1. Make a 2-3 minute videotape of your performance. If you already have something pre-recorded that is fine too, just make sure it is a recent video. Also, keep in mind that fast-paced, high-energy performances will really catch the eye of my casting director!  All music performed must be a “cover version” of a popular, published song. NO ORIGINALS please. We will accept VHS & DV tapes along with DVDs. (Please NO hi-8s or formats that need VHS adapters.) Label the tape or disc with your name, act name, address and phone number. Also if you are sending a PROMO reel, make sure that it still showcases your talent to the best of its ability.

2. Download the attached forms, fill them out, and mail in a COPY of them with your video submission! Please have ALL members of each group fill out separate forms as well. Dates of Birth should be written on your paperwork.

3. Please send ALL submissions to:

ATTN: Meg McAlduff
America’s Got Talent 4
4000 W. Alameda Blvd 3rd Floor
Burbank, Ca 91505