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Q: I’m not sure you even like Christmas films… but what’s your favorite?

A: Hmmm… Ask Dr. Scrooge? No, I can seriously understand why you’d have your doubts.

But two versions of Dickens’ Christmas Carol top my list. Scrooge has some of the most amazing musical numbers while capturing the redemptive thrust of the story, and Muppet Christmas Carol almost unabashedly preaches the Gospel.

Fonda wins 2011 Lansing Award
Former atheist, now Christian, still recognized as major force in Hollywood.

QB Works Miracles for Broncos
Tim Tebow says God doesn’t care who wins or loses, credits Jesus Christ anyway.

Even Atheists Take Kids to Church
Be sure to show everyone, inlcuding them, extra love this Christmas season.

12 Albums,
12 Days of Christmas

A lot of music crosses the desks of Jacob Sahms and Nate Watts. A lot of that piles up by the end of the year… but a lot of it sticks, too, like fresh winter snow.


Dolphin Tale director Charles Martin Smith comes by his animal affinity naturally.

The actor, writer, and director starred in Disney’s Never Cry Wolf, directed the original Air Bud, and of course appeared as Terry the Toad in American Graffiti !

A Christmas Story
DVD Giveaway

Courtesy of Hollywood Jesus and Warner Bros., you can be one of two lucky GHM News readers to win a DVD copy of the Christmas classic A Christmas Story, now available on Blu-ray.

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