“Good Morning Murder”



  Agatha’s New Show Opening Thursday, Jan.10,2013
 “Good Morning Murder”
    Written by: Jamie Moore & John Babcock, III

   Directed by: Ryan Girard
      Starring: Jamie Moore, Tara Ochs, Randy Havens & Amber Chaney




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       Ryan Girard
Ryan directed this show, so if you see anything that looks weird, Ryan did that.  If you hear anything that sounds weird, Ryan told the actors to say it like that. And if you eat something that tastes weird, Ryan probably cooked it.  But don’t worry, he isn’t allowed to cook at Agatha’s anymore.

The Cast of “Good Morning Murder” Opening Jan.10 – April 24
Join your hosts Reggie, Carlee, and a variety of celebrity guest including Kathie Lee Clifford, Ashton Kosher, and tabloid staple Lindsay Lowland in Agatha’s 2013 season kickoff production – Good Morning Murder! The top rated morning show- Good Morning, Morning Show is about to have an unscheduled guest – murder! And it’s up to Reggie and Carlee to set aside their off-air differences long enough to sniff out the killer. If they don’t then they may not be right back after a few words from their sponsor. We all know that television is a killer business, but not to this extreme! Join them and help find the murderer. It might even be you!  Make your Reservations Now! 404-584-2255: Info: 404-584-2211: www.agathas.com
    Jamie Moore

Jamie is SO HAPPY to be back at Agatha’s.  Why?  Well not only because he is starring in this show, but because he WROTE this show with fellow first timer John Babcock.  That’s right!  Jamie knows how to write!  And sometimes, he can form sentences.  Is there any end to his talents??!?!  The answer to that question is yes.   But not in this show.  Come see Jamie perform the words that he wrote especially for himself.  And then see if he forgets any of them. That would be ironic.  Which is a word that Jamie knows the definition of, now that he’s a writer.

        Amber Chaney

Amber is back at Agatha’s for her second straight show.  Which means she has practically lived at Agatha’s for the past 4 months.  Literally.  She sleeps on the kitchen floor at night, so if you see her with food stuck on her costume, that’s not a choice, that’s a lifetyle.  Come on down to Amber’s new home and try out the chairs in the dining room. Or as she calls it, her laundry room.  Don’t ask.

       Randy Havens

Randy is back at Agatha’s after a stint trekking throught the Peruvian jungle.  Seriously.  He did that over the holidays.  And you thought hanging out with your mother-in-law was hard.  He’s happy to be back  at Agatha’s and performing in Good Morning Murder!  Actually, he just happy to be back where there’s running water.  

                Tara Ochs

Tara was sailing around the globe for the better part of last year, so she missed  a lot of important things, like the last Twilight movie. Don’t tell her how it ends, but she’s sure hoping that someone ends up with a stake thru the heart.  She’s glad to be back at Agatha’s and playing the always in-trouble actress Lindsay Lowland.  For preperation, she caused four car wrecks, slapped a bunch of people with cameras, and stayed awake for 48 hours before coming to work.  Come see her try to make it through the show without collapsing.