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The I.S.A. Newsletter – May Edition

Greetings and SMILES

Spring has sprung which means it’s time…for Pitching!  Time to sharpen your skills and get out there and make that career happen.  If you’ve got a great show idea make sure to check out PitchCon below, the premiere Hollywood destination for independent content producers!  There’s a special discount for I.S.A. members.
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Preparing to Pitch Your Screenplay to a Studio
Pitching a script is an art form, and although it can be stressful, it’s something every writer has to perfect before approaching executives or agents. So what is pitching exactly?
A pitch is an animated summation of a script with emphasis on the main characters, the conflict, and the genre. When pitching a script, you use this summation to persuade industry professionals to option the work (purchase it for consideration).

Pitches come in two forms: Read more >
The Art of Pitching
By Syd Field
Make no mistake; pitching is an art. Every screenplay begins with an idea and if you want to write a screenplay based on your idea, then the chances are you’re going to have to pitch it to someone; it could be a producer, a director, a production executive, an agent or anyone in the business.
A pitch is nothing more than a verbal presentation of a notion, concept, situation, idea, or story. It can be augmented with photographs, casting suggestions, newspaper articles, clippings, or anything else that will help you in the “selling” of your idea.
When we talk about pitching, we’re talking about the presentation of an idea. That means it’s your responsibility to convince a production executive (s), or agent, or producer, whoever it might be, that your idea is so good, so unique, so hip, that they want to develop it into a screenplay and pay you for doing it.  Read more > 
Good In a Room: A Guide to Pitching Your Script  
By Stephanie Palmer
I’m often asked, “What’s the right way to pitch an idea?” There aren’t any mandatory rules. But the term, pitch , gives the mistaken impression that when the time comes for you to discuss your idea, you’re supposed to suddenly start overtly selling the idea to the listener.
A pitch is not a performance. It’s a conversation to discover if there’s a match between what the listener is looking for and what you have to offer. If you have a meeting with a producer or studio executive to pitch one of your projects, there are important guidelines you should follow when structuring your pitch.

An effective pitch should:  

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