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Rose of Athens Theatre’s
Charlotte’s Web
By E.B. White

May 11-13 at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM
Seney-Stovall Chapel

A perfectly enchanting story of friendship, E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web explores themes of kindness, creativity and of tolerance toward those who are different. A beloved classic performed on the live stage by Rose of Athens Theatre!

Recommended for K-5th grade
Great for all ages


Last year Rose of Athens Theatre served over 3,000 students with our productions of Macbeth, Winnie the Pooh and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – in 2010 we have even more to offer!
• Intimate Connection: Seney-Stovall gives your students a more intimate connection to the play; Seating 199.
• Bus Parking: Right across the street in the Varsity parking lot; a convenient place to have a picnic under the magnolia trees!
• Streamlined Study Guides: Even more useful and dynamic, see the website!

• “Talk Back” discussions: We continue to offer this directly following each performance.
• Pre-show Workshops: A fantastic complement to productions. During our workshops, students gain insight into the themes and characters of Charlotte’s Web and develop a connection to theater educators they will later see onstage.

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We also love to accommodate HOME SCHOOL GROUPS!

Danielle Bailey Miller
What the Audience has to say:

“The theatre went above and beyond to help our students understand the theatrical experience.”

“Everything was handled professionally. The students, parents and teachers all had a great time.The performers made sure of audience participation and enjoyment. Thanks!”

“It was lovely, and I can hardly wait to see another play.”

What the students of The Glass Menagerie Workshop
at Clarke Central High School – September 2009 have to say:

“I learned Tom loves his mom even if it is hard for him to be around her sometimes.”

“I learned you have to understand the character’s background to understand why they go through what they go through”

“I learned Amanda’s intentions for her daughter were more loving and supportive of her daughter than I originally thought”
Tickets: $6 per person
Pre-Show Workshop:
$100 for 1 class (up to 30 students)
$160 for 2 classes (or 30-60 students
$300 for 3 classes (or 60-90 students)
• The fun continues even when school’s out!

Rose of Athens Theater Academy

June 7-11, 14-18.
All day, Theatre Camp

at Seney-Stovall Chapel
Based on Ron Anderson’s program
“Life Skills Through Stage Skills”