Get Taped! now offering VO and Teleprompter services

Brooke and I at Get Taped! have been upgrading our equipment. We can now record VOs for $10 a pop, and we’re super excited about offering a Teleprompter for $25/audition. This is in addition to our other services:

Auditions under 5 lines: $10

Auditions 5 lines or more: $20

Slates (aka the Talking Headshot): $75 through March 31st. Starting April 1 the price is going up to $90.

For a full list of services, please visit our website at Also, for actors that come to us often, we are known for discounting our services. We are full-time actors ourselves, and are sensitive to the financial strain multiple auditions can put on an actor.

Lastly, it is relevant to note that we give you up to 30min for your audition appointment (60min for Slates). We aim to make the actor feel very comfortable. We also are willing to do several takes, and give you the option to watch back your footage. Arguably, we are the best readers in town because we actually engage the actor in the scene. Actors who have used other services prefer us almost unanimously. However, our slots fill up very fast when breakdowns are released, so contact us ASAP when you know you’ll need to Get Taped!