What constitutes a principal performance?

For the times when you work as an extra and wonder if you should be considered a principal, use this checklist from SAG to reference what constitutes a principal performance.   

A. Anyone who is seen and who speaks a line or lines of dialogue. 

B. Anyone whose face appears silent, alone in a stationary camera shot, and is identified with the product or service.
C. Anyone whose face appears silent and is identifiable and whose
foreground performance demonstartes or illustrates a product or service or illustrates or reacts to the on or off-camera narration or commercial message – not someone who appears in the foreground solely as atmosphere.
D. Anyone who is the subject of a
E. Clowns in proprietary makeup (with certain restrictions)
F. Stunt performers (with certain restrictions)
G. Specialty dancers and specialty acts (with certain restrictions)
H. Anyone whose voice is used off-camera except “omnies”.
I. Person appearing in stop action, squeeze action or still photos
J. Anyone operating puppets or marionettes (with restrictions)
K. Pilots (with restrictions)
L. Featured foreground performance by specialty acts, specialty dancers or stunt performers (with restrictions)
M. Certain performances that are not utilized in a commercial (with restrictions)
N. Members of public who appear in testimonial or hidden camera commercials, non-professionals, minors etc. (with restrictions)
O. Group dancers (with restrictions)