Extras Needed for Alliance Theatre spot – no pay but fun job for atlanta icon

Hi everybody!  Turner Broadcasting is producing a promotional video about the Alliance Theatre and is looking for Non/Union extras.  I am helping them get the word out.  Please take a look at the breakdown below and if you are interested in being considered for the shoot, please send a digital copy of your headshot or recent photo, along with the following size specifications to Tracy Markowski at Tracy.Markowski@Turner.com.  Size specifications to include with your photo are:  shirt/ jacket/pants/waist/bust/hat/shoe.

Extras/Adults:  Adults, male and female, all ages and ethnicities. This includes Seniors. 

Extras/Children:  Children, boys and girls, ages 8 to 16, all ethnicities.

The shoot will take place at the Woodruff Arts Center on Friday, November 5.  Specific times are yet to be determined but some adults may be asked to be here for the entire day and children will be called as late as possible to avoid conflicting with school hours.   

 Please contact Tracy if you have any questions.  Thank you for considering.