Alliance Theater Hourly Opportunity

The Alliance Theatre is celebrating our 40th season in a big way – doing something that we hope will make the record books. And we’re looking to hire a group of local actors to help make it a success.


For six weeks, from July 4th through August 17th, the Alliance will be getting signatures for a 40th Birthday Card in conjunction with events, sponsors, and promotional partners throughout the metro area. When we’re done, our hope is to apply to the Guinness Book of World Records for the most signatures on a birthday card, permanently immortalizing the Alliance and Atlanta in the record books in honor of this anniversary.


Panels of the card will be made into sandwich boards, and actors in these sandwich boards will work crowds at events, support Alliance staff and volunteers near festival booths, or be present at special events with our corporate sponsors. Every actor in a sandwich board will be paired with a ‘barker’ that will help facilitate the signing of the cards. The 40 panels of the card will be assembled at our season opening event September 6th.


We are looking for a team of actors who are able to make a minimum time commitment of 10 hours over the course of those six weeks to participate in these events. Each event will range from a 2-4 hour time commitment. We will begin participating in these events over July 4th weekend and will send a detailed schedule for folks to sign up once we have our team in place in the next week.


Actors will be paid $25/hour for their time. You will also receive a complimentary branded t-shirt and baseball cap to be worn at the promotional events, as well as a pair of complimentary tickets to your choice of Gem of the Ocean or Radio Golf opening, as part of our season opening event.


If you are interested in being part of the team to make this record-breaking celebration possible, please contact Andrea Gardenhire at or 404-733-4711.