Agatha’s New Show!!!

New Show!!!
   Ryan Girard
Ryan is happy to be back at Agatha’s, and he’s even happier that he gets to do a show about hair.  Mostly because he’s losing his and it’s just good to think about “the good ‘ol days.”  Come see Ryan do a show about hair, and then look at his head and sigh.  It’s what he does.

Tara Ochs

Tara is back at Agatha’s after a year of performing elsewhere.  Mostly on cruise ships.  But she wants everyone to know that she was NOT the one that caused the accident in Italy…she hopes.  Fingers crossed, after the investigation.
   Emily Turner
Emily has spent a lot of time researching her roles for this show.  She got in fights with her hairdressers, her family, her brother’s family, the cops, the cops’ family, and finally, a priest.  But that last one wasn’t her fault.

Emilio Perey

Emilio has always wanted to do a show about hair.  Because hair is his passion.  It’s actually one of his MANY passions.  His other passions include ironing, folding,  dancing, movies…..and Cleveland.  Don’t ask him why.

“A-List” Video Short interview with Rick and a few clips from our “First Bite at Twilight” Show.
Come on in and get your hair DIED!!
The salon known as “The Great Gatsby” are traveling down to Jeckyll Island for the biggest event of the salon season.  Unfortunately, someone wants their owner Gayley Giococomo to stay in Georgia. PERMANENTLY.
Written by Patrick Scott Ward
Directed by Ryan GirardGreetings,
Time once again for a new show at Agatha’s.

Make reservations now for good times and the funniest hair appointment you’ve ever had.  Jeckyllicious is bound to make you laugh, or your next cut and curl is on us! Reservations: 404-584-2255

After a great Holiday Season, Agatha’s is going through somewhat of a transformation. After 24 years of putting reservations on notebook paper in a lose leaf binder we are hitting technology head-on, or maybe it’s hitting us head-on. Anywho, it’s a good thing for you, our wonderful customers. Now you will be able to book reservations online from our website. (It should be up and running by the time you get this email.) Our new system will have archivies as well, meaning all of your info will be securely saved after your initial online booking while streamlining the process if booking by phone. Larger parties, however,  will still have to book by phone with Rick or Cat. Sameday bookings, (24hrs) and bookings more than 30 days out will have to book by phone with one of us as well. Overall, this should prove to be a win win story for everyone. (Even though Cat hates it already.) We are also upgrading our website! Not only online reservations, but  more information about us and our awesome troupe of Actors. Including up to date bios and pics. Some new videos with a little Agatha’s history and clips from a couple of our shows. Be sure to book your reservations, online of course, soon.Fondly,All of us at Agatha’s
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Upcoming Show:
“America’s Got Murder”
April 19th – July 25th

It’s a big, big night–the finals of “The XYZ Factor,” America’s newest, loudest and gaudiest talent competition!! The brainchild of superstar producer Simon Scowl, “The XYZ Factor” takes ordinary Joes and Josephines and turns them into the stars of tomorrow! Along with his fellow judge, former singing sensation Paula Low Attention Span, Simon Scowl is determined to make “The XYZ Factor” the ultimate talent show. Nothing can stand in his way—except, of course, MURDER!!

  Follow the clues and help solve the mystery, along with suspects David Hasslehoffer, vacuous model Nicole Nicole Nicole and celebrity judge and NFL quarterback Tim T-Bone as they come to the shocking conclusion that “AMERICA’S GOT MURDER!!”

 “AMERICA’S GOT MURDER!!” the newest mystery from Agatha’s A Taste of Mystery Dinner Theatre, written by Marc Farley and directed by Ryan Girard, opens April 19, 2012 and runs through July 25, 2012.