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We’ve been listening and are proud to announce the following updates to Actors Insite!

New feedback form addressing the following questions…

  1. Please share your feedback on my reel (performance, versatility, scene choices, scene order, length, etc.)
  2. Please share your feedback on my self-taped work (performance, choice of material, wardrobe, etc.)
  3. Would you consider what you’ve seen today to be competitive?
  4. Thoughts on my headshot?
  5. Would you be interested in seeing more of my work at this time?
  6. What is the best way for me to stay in touch?
  7. Final thoughts and advice?

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  1. Your actor profile is part of our exclusive database, searchable by the Industry Professionals that we work with, when they are seeking new talent for their projects and client lists.
  2. Bypass our public Q&A’s when you have career questions. We will have them promptly answered by one of our industry contacts.
  3. Inclusion in our quarterly Member Newsletter updating the industry on what you’ve been up to (for those who wish to be included).
Viewing your reels & self-taped work in February
  • Anne Davison (Casting Associate, NBC’s Deception) 
  • Jen Namoff (Manager/Producer, Soffer-Namoff Entertainment) 
  • Michael Goddard (Agent/Partner, CGF Talent) 


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