Woody Harrelson’s Fake Vegan Twinkies Star in Zombieland



Posted by Peter Feld on October 6, 2009 12:23 PM

Thanks to Woody Harrelson, star of last weekend’s US top-grossingZombieland, the world now knows vegan Twinkies. His new film’s plot revolves around the spongy cakes, which he spends munching as he looks for the last Twinkie on earth:
While Twinkie, by far, receives the most prominent brandcameo in the film—being totally integrated in the plot—in reality, Harrelson couldn’t eat the Hostess brand. Being a raw vegan, he had to have special Twinkie-like cakes made for him.
Zombieland may be a dangerous place, but it’s also a brand fiesta. Many products make appearances in the comedy-horror film, ranging from the AK-47 to Cadillac Escalade, and from Animal Crackers to Purell. (See the brandcameopage for brandchannel’s complete reference list of product placements in this and other top-grossing films.)
One well-known social media site also shows up, though it most likely didn’t pay for the mention. According to Jesse Eisenberg’s character Columbus, the best thing about Zombieland is: “No more Facebook status updates.”